I just finished up a Nora Roberts book, and although this author is always hit and miss with me, I have to say, the Circle Trilogy did not disappoint. And the last book in the series, Valley of Silence was off the wall awesome.

Series: Circle Trilogy, #3 
My Rating:  5 ❀'s
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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First, let me address the statement that Nora Roberts is always a hit and miss author for me. She's incredibly popular among readers, and has a huge number of books published. But I either love her books or am unable to finish reading them. I either love her style or find it needles me. But that was not the case with this series at all. I adored every word, this series and this novel especially, were beautiful and exquisitely crafted. In this third novel, the circle prepares for the final battle on Samhain and Moira and Cian's simmering romance comes to a head.

And oh my, but I loved these two together. Cian seemed often cold, indifferent, but it was obvious from book one that Moira affected him in ways he had never allowed anyone to affect him since he was changed. And Moira was clearly waiting for Cian to make his move...until she decided to put the moves on him. I loved that. I loved Moirás strength throughout this novel, I loved her as a ruler, as a leader, as a strong heroine. I loved that she was ready to love Cian in the now knowing that when he left, that her heart would go him, and that their love would ultimately hurt them both. She was still ready to bask in that love despite the hurt that she knew would come after.

I loved Cian more somehow, because he tried so hard not to give into his feelings for Moira, to protect her and himself. And his note to her at the end of the book broke my heart. I love it when a book can make me cry. And I have to say, I loved that he eventually gave into his feelings knowing just as Moira knew, that later he would suffer for loving Moira and that she would suffer too because a vampire and a human cannot have any lasting future.

How does this doomed love story end? With a happily ever after of course and one so moving that it will forever stand out in my mind. This is definitely a series worth lining my book shelves. I would love to read them all over again. Five stars is hardly enough credit to this wonderful book.

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I love a good western romance, especially the stories in this sizzling series by Emma Lang. They are riveting and I love the characters and their adventures. In the third novel of the series, Benjamin was finally found and taken home and it was a heart warming, moving story as well as a gripping one.

Series: Circle Eight, #3
My Rating: 5 ❀'s
Genre: Historical Romance
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Benjy's story is one that has yet to fully be told. I'm sure that will come in later novels, but I was very happy that he was found and brought home. He's still a young boy, but older in spirit than a boy of ten ought be because of his experiences, and I'm glad he's strong and smart as I'm sure it will help him adjust to living free again.

Benjamin is found quite by chance by his older brother Caleb, and Caleb's romance with Rory, a woman blacksmith is one that will make you laugh and groan. Both of them are stubborn characters, both of them tell the truth a little too baldly--as well as crudely!--and they certainly made this adventure interesting. I liked Rory a lot, she is one of the strongest heroines I've run across in my reading, and I love strong female characters in romance. Strength comes in many forms, but it's nice to see a heroine who can throw around her weight and her opinions the way Rory does.

Caleb is often described as a jackass throughout the novel, and I while he wasn't a hero I fell in love with, he was one I respected and liked a lot. And I thought he and Rory were incredible together, so that made this reader very happy to see this couple end happily ever after. And, I liked seeing Caleb grovel a little too.

A fun read, filled with quick wit you'll find yourself turning the pages to the heartwarming end of this great western romance. I certainly did.

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My latest Sandra Brown novel proved to be less than I have come to expect from the author. I don't know why, but Lethal didn't have me as riveted as I have been in the past. It had some good twists and turns but although it was fun trying to figure out who the bookkeeper was, I wasn't as engaged with that mystery as I might have been.

My Rating: 3 ❀'s
Genre: Romantic Suspense
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I do know that others will likely finding this gripping, so it's likely that this one just wasn't a favourite of mine, possibly due to the fact that I found the hero a bit of a jerk. I think I was also confused for a while as to whether or not he was really who he said he was. Possibly if I had read this instead of listening to the audio this might have been more clear, but either way, Coburn was not a hero that made me swoon.

I did figure out who the book keeper was, though don't ask me how. Possibly by process of elimination as I considered characters and then discarded them for one reason or another. I'm sure others will be surprised by the identity of the book keeper, but I never found that character likable so it didn't have the impact that such a revelation should have, and that others will likely experience.

Overall, this one was good, as all Sandra Brown novels are, but the story, characters and romance just didn't sizzle or sparkle as others from this author have for me. However, I cannot deny that this was not entertaining and certainly will grip many readers as the writing is polished, methodical and the identify of the book keeper is a question that will niggle at readers throughout the novel. '

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I felt as though I needed a lighter read, so this novel came to me at exactly the right time, even if it's not yet the season to be jolly. I have to admit, I really like the cover on this novel and I've seen many similar styled covers that I find just as attractive. There's more to a book than it's cover of course, but it is what pulls me in and I am glad to say the inside was just as sweet as the outside.

Series: A Town Called Christmas, #1 
My Rating: ❀'s
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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I found this novel sweet and charming. It made me want to go away on vacation to a winter resort complete with ice palaces and igloos and a little Christmas town village with shops that sell delicious sweets and hand made items. Seriously, I adored the setting and wish that I could transport myself into the pages of this novel for just that reason. Holly Martin did a superb job creating a perfect winter wonderland setting that I could envision with no trouble at all. It made me crave hot chocolate and snowy days.

I liked that too, that this was a second chance romance. Gabe and Pip were sweethearts in the past, and devastating circumstances tore them apart. It's made them both afraid to trust, and I found that the lack of trust they had in each other in this novel was what they really had to contend with. At times, they seemed hot and cold in their relationship, but it was always clear that they were a fantastic fit and trying to get past the trust issues and hurt from the past. I had to commend them for that, even though the hot and cold drove me a bit batty at times throughout the novel. I loved how Pip laid it all out for Gabe at the end when she thought their second chance was in ruins; I think they both needed for one of them to be completely honest and I loved how Pip went about it, and how Gabe responded. These two deserved their happily ever after.

A sweet romance set in a fairy land type setting, it was a novel that reminds you of the magic of Christmas.

I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

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I absolutely love Amanda Stevens and her Graveyard Queen series just keeps getting better in my opinion. I just finished up book five, The Sinner and I was on pins and needles throughout the entire novel, and very spooked from beginning to end. I've said it before, but it's still true, no one quite writes a novel like Amanda Stevens. She's got the most lyrical, languid style of writing and coupled with the eerie settings and ghouls and ghosts of her stories, it makes for delicious reading that will make the goose flesh rise on your skin.

Series: The Graveyard Queen, #5
My Rating: 5 ❀'s
Genre: Urban Fantasy 
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It's been a year since Amelia Gray and Devlin have parted, a year since the events at Kroll Cemetery, and Amelia is seeking a bit of a break from everything and is currently restoring a cemetery in Beaufort County. But she finds anything but peace and tranquility there. She finds, instead a body and a history in the small town that is straight out of a horror movie, filled with sadistic rituals, possession of the body and soul, sinister secret societies and she doesn't know who to trust. Like Amelia, I distrusted everyone throughout the novel. This is why I was on pins and needles throughout the entire book.

The more Amelia discovers and experiences, the less I trusted anyone. Most especially disturbing was Detective Kendrick, who Amelia was strangely drawn to, drawn to in a way that fascinated and frightened me (and Amelia for that matter) and I didn't know if he was friend or foe. What threw me off in this novel was I was expecting Devlin to at least appear in the story, and although he is present in the events, it's not in the way I expected, and I don't know what the future will hold for him and Amelia. Now I'm even more afraid than I was before reading the novel of what other horrors and tests and discoveries Amelia might face.

This is an enthralling series and each novel is better than the last. I love the style of the author, and the eerie settings, odd histories and intense characters just draw me further and further into this world. As much as I dread what might happen next, I also crave it, and I cannot wait to  read the next novel in this spooky and haunting series.

I received an ARC copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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