I came across this book quite by accident, but oh my goodness it was soo good! What a story and I loved the way this book was narrated by three different narrators. It gave the book such an authentic feel and really, I think the writing was just so good that everything together just made this a wonderful story.

My Rating: ❀'s
Genre: Contemporary Literature 

I wish I had the words to explain exactly how wonderful this novel is, but I think it's one of those things you have to read for yourself to understand. The story opens with Viven, who is returning home after being away for many years. I don't think she had any intention of ever returning, but she has no where else to go and I think fate drew her back home. When a body is unearthed by her house, underneath a tree that's been standing on the property for decades, Viven needs to discover who the woman was. And doing so sends her along a path of discovery and healing that she so needed. I loved this character. I loved this story.

Viven is not the only storyteller in this novel however, and through the diary of her mother, Caroline, we come to understand some things about Viven as well. And Viven comes to understand herself and mother better, I felt sorry for Caroline, she lived in such turbulent times. But I admired her strength too, even as her choices cut and sliced her children wide open. I was glad that in the end, she taught Viven something powerful and beautiful.

The other storyteller was Adelaide, who I loved for her gentleness. And whose life was so vital to this story, and to helping Viven heal, and come to a new understanding about herself and what she wanted in life. The stories of these women don't exactly intertwine, they are separate and different, but they are related since all of these women come from the same family. I loved the way the story was told, and all of the narrators did an amazing job bringing the women and the people in their lives, to life. I was moved to tears at some points, because this beautifully written novel was brought to life so poignantly by the narrators.

A wonderful story, and one I'm so glad I came across, quite by accident. I'll not soon be forgetting this novel.

Happy Listening,
Since I've read the first novel, I've always loved The Graveyard Queen series. The writing is so beautiful that you just sink into the setting and story and Amanda Stevens has the ability to paint pictures before your eyes with her elegant use of language. She has the ability to completely spook you out. And this latest novel left me studying the shadows in my home at night, wondering what ghoul might be hiding in the gloom.

Series: The Graveyard Queen, #4
My Rating: 's
Genre: Urban Fantasy 

I can't even begin to tell you how good this book is, I truly can't. It was a pleasure to read, and it was delicious, if eerie reading. So much happens, and there are so many sinister forces at work, both human and not human, that I shivered with fear even as I lapped up this story.

Amelia Gray isn't just someone who can see ghosts. She is so much more. She's only just learning about her new abilities, and while they frighten her, they terrify me. I don't know where this series is headed, but it seems certain that it is headed somewhere dark and lonely for Amelia. The ghosts, and whatever otherworldly entities exist, they want Amelia and while this time they weren't dangerous, I know that there are some that are dangerous, and that all of them will change Amelia forever. It's worrisome for this reader, even as it's intriguing.

It seemed after the last novel in the series, that Devlin and Amelia might have a future together, but I know that whatever love they've found together will not be of the lasting kind. There's something about Devlin now that creeps me out, that is frightening, and something in his heritage that is just as supernatural as Amelia. But darker, and I think, more dangerous, more sinister. I'm almost afraid that Devlin somehow, will turn into someone Amelia won't recognize, and as a reader, it saddens me that this might happen. We'll see what the next book holds.

I might not know the plot or twists and turns this story might take in the fifth novel, but I do know that I am looking forward to it, to discovering more about Amelia and what her abilities are, and what she might do with those gifts. A truly great novel, if eerie. But I think that is apart of what makes it so great.

Happy Reading,
It's been ages it seems since my last Quote It! post and today I wanted to share with you some quotes from a novel I am loving. Even if it is spooking me out. I started reading Amanda Stevens' The Graveyard Queen series a while back and it is one of my favourites. It is so well written and intelligent, and I love the way the author uses language. Each scene is painted in my mind with exquisite detail, so naturally I'm enthralled. And in the case of this latest novel, I am also seriously spooked! There's something really dark in this novel that is simmering just below the surface, something that has me looking around my home as I sit in bed reading, fearing that something is lurking in the shadows. I can't wait to finish this book. Here are some quotes that I hope give you an idea of what I'm experiencing.

You have the radiance of someone attuned to the invisible world around us, and you seem to attract more than your share of unusual phenomena.

...was as if I had the power to peer past his angelic facade all the way down into soul, and the blackness of his essence shocked me.

What I was now she had once been. What she was I would someday become.

Stay tuned for my review! This series just keeps getting better and better.

Happy Reading,
So not too long ago, I started the Circle Eight series by Emma Lang and was impressed. I recently had the pleasure of returning to the series, and book two, Brody was not a disappointment. I so want to binge read this series, but I never have the time to binge read anymore. But I so would if I could!

Series: Circle Eight, #2
My Rating:❀'s
Genre: Historical Romance

This novel continues the search for young Benjy, one of the younger children in the Graham family that has gone missing. The hole his disappearance created in the family was felt in the first novel, and it's the focus of Liv's romance with Brody, the hot Texas Ranger who is searching for her young lost brother. Liv refuses to let Brody search for her brother on his own, intent on joining him and the two are thrown together when Brody realizes that Liv is made of tough stuff and makes her his partner.

He later regrets making Liv his partner, but Liv is not an easy woman to get rid of, and while Liv drives Brody crazy, it's a good crazy as the sparks between them fly during arguments and whilst they get down and dirty on the trail. I have to say, the passion these two have made for great reading. I was never bored, whether they were in the middle of Mexico in the clutches of evil mad people (for there was more than one) or whether they were fighting or kissing. This story was quick paced, filled with passion and danger and romance and it kept me turning the pages as fast as I could. I've never read a book where the characters are both so passionate, both so ornery and quick tempered. It was a heart pounding, sexy read and I couldn't get enough of the action and sizzle in this novel.

If you are looking for something hot and sexy, or something filled with action, this is the tale for you. I might just have to binge a little when it comes to this series, and hopefully sooner rather than later.

Happy Reading,
This new release by Jess Michaels sounded too good to pass up. The cover was delicious, the premise sounded entertaining. I love a good romance with heat and humor, and this one promised both. I had never read a thing by this author before, but being a huge fan of historical romance, I could not pass up the opportunity to read this novel. And I was not disappointed. I was delighted.
Series: Seasons
My Rating: 's
Genre: Historical Romance

The novel opens up with our heroine Rosalinde travelling in the midst of a storm that leaves her stranded at a crowded inn with other stranded travelers, one being our hero, Grayson. Right from the opening pages I was impressed with the polished writing and usage of language from the period in which this novel is set. It was a very easy to settle into, and then the sizzle hit. And sizzle might be something of an understatement because Rosalinde and Gray set the pages on fire in a lot of ways. What impressed me immediately about Rosalinde was that it was clear she was a woman who followed her heart. She wasn't seduced but rather, made her own choices about how and where she intended to spend the night.

And this is who Rosalinde is, a woman who makes her own choices even if they are met with anger and disapproval by her grandfather, who is a despicable man. She's not a woman to throw caution and good sense to the wind, but she does follow her heart and her heart desperately wants Gray even when his identity is revealed, even when it seems she can never have him. Even if the choice might cause her discomfort. She makes the necessary sacrifices to be true to herself while recognizing that her position in society is very vulnerable. That's true bravery in my books, and so I quite admire this character.

I also adore Gray. His determination to care for his brother and sister even when it's plain they don't need his interference paint him as a man with a good heart and I wanted that for Rosalinde. I also loved the way he was so totally ga-ga over her. It was so obvious from the beginning that he was madly in love with Rosalinde, and sometimes I love it when it takes the hero forever to figure out this simple truth. I liked that even though he was determined to show his brother the error of his ways, he couldn't steel himself against what that might mean to Rosalinde. He thought himself cold, but he was anything but and I loved his confession of love at the end of the book. It oozed romance, and tickled me pink.

This book kept me turning the pages from beginning to end. Well written, well told, it was a sizzling, sexy and erotic romance and I honestly loved this novel. I am eagerly awaiting more from this series.

I would like to thank the author for providing me a copy of the novel in exchange for an honest review. 

Happy Reading,