Happy New Year!  I know 2018 was not the best book blogging year I've ever had, and I'm sad that I didn't get to read more. There was a lot going on in my life, and somehow my reading time and therefore my blog took a huge hit.

But it is a new year, even if I am posting this three weeks into that year, and I do have goals to make this a better reading year.

Goal One: Read Everyday

Sadly, this was not something I was doing last year. It wasn't really by choice, but with me doing some different things, I sometimes went to bed without having read a single word of my book. Awful right? I totally agree and so the first goal must to be to read every single day. I'm so looking forward to it because I have tons of books I'm really dying to read and have been for a while, so I'm going to make this happen.

Goal Two: Read a Variety of Genres

I think for a long time I was so exclusively reading romance that I lost touch with other genres I enjoy reading like historical fiction. Which caused me to go on a binge of reading historical fiction novels last year. So I'm hoping to really mix things up and read a greater variety of genres--mystery, fiction, romance and whatever else might take my fancy. I have tons of unread books of all genres lining my shelves so this goal is totally attainable.

Goal Three: Set a Blogging Schedule 

I have never been one to blog by a schedule because I hate schedules. I just feel so pressured and then  blogging stops being fun. It starts being work. And I already have a very demanding full time job so I don't need my blog to feel like work. But I do think I want to set a schedule of posting on Thursdays at least twice a month. So that way I can get out reviews and hopefully even some other content. So far back to work in 2019 has been a bit rocky but from here on in, you can count on more posts. Please stay tuned.

Three goals I think is enough for someone who has really not been reading or book blogging in a while. I hope you all haven't entirely given up on me. I have always loved books and reading and blogging about books has been brought me a lot of fulfillment and I hope has helped you find truly devastating reads. I am trying to also jazz things up a bit on the blog in terms of my look; hopefully this make the experience a bit nicer for all of you readers. I am really excited to get back to reading and book blogging.

Happy Reading,

Oooops, I did it again. I bought more books! And even more than I am sharing here today. They were on sale. What's a  book worm to do after all? Even though I have less and less time to read, I keep buying books. But to be honest, I am building in more time to read (it had died again after summer as I got busier with work) and I am really enjoying it. Anyway....

I bought some books that look absolutely up my alley. Hopefully some of you are into historical fiction, though I have tons of romance I haven't touched yet. Which I will get back to come hell or high water.

Here are the lovelies my friends!!

First, Smoke and Iron. I really need to get back to this series as it was really amazing. Time, time, time, if only I had more of You. I may need to start a reading list order although I was always against such list. We'll see. If you have not started this amazing series, The Great Library I strongly recommend you do. It's sooo compelling as it's about a world where books are controlled. Which raises so many red flags and I'm dying to see what happens next to all of that characters. 

I love historical fiction, so first off I'll start with Jane Seymour, the Haunted Queen. Seeing as I have the first two of this series in paperback, I told myself I would wait (and I did) to get this latest novel in paperback as well. It saves money, plus I like things to match. And then there was the sale so that went out the window. I don't regret it though. If you like historical fiction or are into the Tudors, this series is totally for you. 

And last but not least is The Vatican Princess. I've been trying to get my hands on good fiction about the Borgias, so we'll see if this one makes the mark. I don't know the author, but the reviews are decent so I hope I will love it. 

I honestly have more to share with you in terms of new to my shelf but I'll have to get to them another day. Next up is a review so stay tuned! 

Happy Reading,

It's been way too long since I posted a review but I am back! More on that later ;) If you've been following the blog for a while, you know that lately I've been into romantic suspense and thriller like stories. This one is just up that alley, and very well written. I'll be sure to read more of Karen White in the future.

My Rating: ❀'s
Genre: Mystery 
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This story is well paced and draws you in from the opening pages. And that always impresses me as a reader. I love it when I can literally fall into a book like that, and that earns this book immediate points.

Byrn is a compelling character as she's a woman whose suffered a horrible accident, is clearly still struggling with her recovery and the trauma of what happened and is also facing some stumbling blocks in her marriage. She doubts whether Guy has the patience for her as she continues to remain fatigued and can't seem to work on her latest novel. Right away, we are introduced to a complex character.

A character who is suddenly plunged into a crime mystery. When the caterer of a dinner party is suddenly murdered, Bryn is first on the scene and the police seems to have their suspicions firmly fixed on Byrn and Guy. Which is understandable given that Byrn had confronted the victim about some stolen money, and given that Guy may possibly be more involved with the late caterer than previously thought. I'd say *gasp* but that's true crime TV has taught me that this is actually pretty common O.O

So we are plunged into a mystery. Who killed this woman? Will they strike again? Why is Guy seemingly hiding so much, and what is he hiding? The tale spun is logical and left me guessing and I was surprised at the end when the whodunit was solved. I also was totally fascinated with Byrn's lost memories and the role the night of the accident played in this mystery and it's ultimate resolution.

Filled with engaging dialogue, characters who are vivid and alive and a story that is totally plausible and gripping, this novel kept me turning the pages long after I should have gone to bed. Which is why I intend to read more by this great mystery writer!

I plan to be back very soon with more reviews and features so please don't give up on me yet! This blog has helped keep me sane over the years and although my life is super busy, (and often gets way out of my control when I least expect it) I am totally committed to reading and reviewing books. I am back in the swing of things!!

Happy Reading, 
I am ashamed of myself as lately my blog has really suffered. The book I am reading is loooong. I have to stop doing this to myself. I also have to find more reading time somewhere. I feel as though I keep telling myself to get it together and read and blog and crochet and blog but honestly, all of my efforts have been epic fails. Thus, the shame. So, I don't have a review for you all. I am so sorry. I will soon. But in the mean time, there are some fabulous reads I can recommend to you to set the mood for fall.

Fall is my  fav time of year. It's not about pumpkin spice lattes for me, but rather the changing colours and light, the cooler days, wearing boots and light sweaters. And still not needing a parka. But it's also about the atmosphere. The last luxurious days of daylight and the crispness of it, the scent of leaves and the wind bringing in something other. 

I am alluding to that spooky feeling you get on fall nights. Especially as we creep towards Halloween. So, what are some great reads to get you into the fall swing?

One my favourite novels. I cannot recommend this book enough. It's perfect! You can read my full review about this amazing novel. I promise you, it totally sets the mood for fall. 

What can say fall or spook night more than this classic? I've read this maybe twice now, and it is quite the gothic read and therefore, perfect for the season. 

Fans of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein are sure to enjoy this novel. I remember really loving it, even though I never had time to complete the series. I totally mean to though. In this novel, we see the young Victor as he begins to grow into the man who will create the creature we so pity in Shelley's class novel. And he is as pitiable as his creation. 

I remember feeling creeped out by many of the stories in this collection. Without misstep, the settings and characters come alive as the story unfolds and you'll be sure to get a shiver or two as you read these tales. 

I could not not include this novel. It is the first in Ward's famous series, and certainly it will get you into the mood for fall, and not just because it features vampires. Dark, gritty, and amazingly sexy, this sassy novel will be sure to make you yearn from the season than simple pumpkin spice. 

I adore the fall. I'm feeling the pull more and more this time of year towards my books. I just want to snuggle into a cozy corner with a great book and read the day away. Are you feeling this way? You might want to try the novels above to help you escape the tedium of the every day. I promise they will prove devastating. 

Happy Reading, 

Of late, I've been spreading my reading wings a lot. I have more or less given romance a break, reading them in between other novels. One of those "other novels" I read was this wonderful mystery by Ruth Ware. I had not read anything by this author before, but of course she was not entirely unknown to me. And I have to say, this novel proved for some very interesting reading.

My Rating: ❀'s
Genre: Mystery
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I think what I liked most was the main character. Hal was so compelling. Young, alone, broke, targeted by thugs she owes money to, she is such a desperate character. She has no idea what to do next, and few choices. And then, suddenly, some money falls into her lap.

Although, Hal knows the money cannot possibly be meant for her. Still, she is desperate enough to seek to claim it, convincing herself that accepting a small bequeath can do little harm.

The story from here naturally becomes twisted up. Hal has to be so careful not to give herself away. And the people she is with, her supposed family, are so kind that you cannot imagine the family steeped in something dark or sinister. And yet, Hal comes to believe some of them must be hiding something because it soon becomes apparent that although Hal does not this family, that she is in some way connected to them.

This is by no means a ghost story, and yet, there are ghosts living in these pages. So many characters without voices, or whose voices are limited to some documents they have left behind. It's a mystery Hal feels she must uncover, even though she senses that doing so can be very dangerous.

I was totally engaged as I read this book. It's crisp description, determined pace and vividly portrayed characters really drew me in. I felt as though I knew Hal, and yet she was not entirely an easy character to know. An unbelieving fortune teller, an actress of sorts, a vulnerable girl with a backbone of steel. If you enjoy mysteries, this one ought be up your alley. And how everything ends certainly took me by surprise. You'll never see it coming.

Happy Reading,