I ♥ Crochet

I'm updating this page because my love for crochet has grown into a passion. So much so that I decided to start a blog called Pretty In Crochet, in which I share my crochet love with everyone. It's a new blog but I love sharing crochet ideas and projects with you as much as I love sharing books. If you love crochet, I hope you will visit the blog. 

Crochet is a soothing hobby in my opinion, and I've often read how crochet has helped people out of depression. The power of creative creation is what fuels me to continue to find beautiful yarns and patterns to work them up into, and I've made some wonderful things. Some didn't turn out quite as I wanted, but it's all about learning and I hope that one day I'll be sharing my own patterns on my new blog, Pretty in Crochet. 

Happy Hooking Everyone!