Dear Readers and Blog Followers,

thanks for stopping by My Devastating Reads. I truly hope you enjoy the reviews and features. I wanted to break down what features I participate in, and what they are. They are all hosted by me, so if you'd like to feature any of them, please do. I only ask that you give credit back to My Devastating Reads.

Feature Favourite is a feature that will share my favourite reads with you, and provide information about the novel, series and author.

Quote It! is a feature for sharing quotes. Although I'm sure there are lots of quotes features out there already, in Quote It! I simply share my favourite quotes from a novel I'm currently reading, or just finished up.

What's the Scoop??? is a feature I share every now and then to update you on whatever...life, my random thoughts and observations on things bookish or otherwise.

Quickie Reviews are my newest feature, and they are designed to give you a two in one book review. So you read about two books in one review.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!

Happy Reading,