2013 Reading Challenge

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Hello to all my lovely Readers and Followers,

Earlier this month I completed my 2012 Reading Challenge from Goodreads. I had challenged myself to read 100 books. I was convinced that it was impossible to read so many books in one year. Even as a lover of books and reading, I didn't think this was possible.  Soon however, the numbers of books I had read in 2012 was ever increasing...and increasing quickly.

Lesson learned at the end of 2012?

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I've read over a hundred books this year alone! So, my purpose here today is muse a bit about my 2013 reading challenge. I'm not sure how many books I will challenge myself to read in 2013. 100? 125? More? Less? Dunno. I'm thinking that I might want to include clauses within my challenge. For instance:

Read 100 books. But 10 of them have to be strictly outside the romance genre.
I used to read a lot of books like The Help or The Birth of Venus. It would be nice to re-visit reads like these.

Read 75 books, five or more of which have to be classics.
I've been meaning to read some of the classics for over ten years now. Time's a-wastin'.

Read 110 books, most of which are on my to-read list.
Those books have been sitting there on that list a while, lonely and forgotten. Plus, I own plenty of them. Cheaper on the pocket book ;) And I'd been breaking my own challenge record.

Read 125 books, most of which are apart of series I've already started.
I have waaayy too many series started and haven't moved past book one. Most of them are series I really want to continue, but I'm always drawn in by something new. Since most of these are romance, it should be easy to hit the 125 count.

Am I over thinking this? Let me know what you think. Also, did anyone else out there meet their reading challenge this year? It doesn't have to be a Goodreads challenge, maybe one you set yourself, found on another blog, whatever. And what is your challenge for 2013 going to be? Or will there one?

Love to hear your thoughts everyone!

Jewels E


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Karolina said...

I did, 150 books, finished at the beginnig of December yay! I honestly didn't expect to read that many but it was fun! Looking forward to 2013, including clauses is actually a good idea! I might steal it :D

Jewels E said...

I still haven't decided which clause I'm going with...

Lisa Trejo said...

We're on the same page here Giulia! LOL!

Jewels E said...

And I'm still on that page lol I'm so undecided lately.