Reveiw: The Library: Where Life Checks Out by Carmen DeSousa

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I picked up this book a while back and I decided since I was in the mood for a ghost story, to read it recently. I didn't know what to expect as I hadn't heard about this author before, but I thought the premise was pretty interesting and so I was hoping I'd enjoy the book. And the story was engaging and the writing was rather good so I'm glad I made the time for this quick read.

My Rating:
Genre: Romantic Mystery

If you're sensing a but in all of the above, you are right. While the novel was well written, I either didn't follow the details closely enough (which is possible, it is a mystery and maybe I missed something) or all of the dots weren't connected for me. Parts of the story felt disjointed, and all those parts were connected to the mystery Mark is trying to solve so maybe it's just me, and I just missed key information but I while I saw that the characters were all related, I didn't get the big ah-ha! when the pieces fell into place and the mystery was solved. So I was a tad disappointed, but I've a feeling it's me and not the story.

Now, looking beyond that, I have to say I liked the writing. It's polished and engaging and draws you right into the events of the story. Mark is an cop who can see ghosts, and the ghosts are key to helping him solve both mysteries in this novel. Although, he doesn't exactly know that until the very end of the novel. His romance with Ashlyn was sweet and romantic, and maybe too perfect--there seem to be little bumps in the road for them as a couple, but I'm cool with that since it's also kinda love at first sight. Both characters are developed and likable and I'd be curious to find out more about them in the future.

Overall, hardly a dull read and I'd read it again. In fact, I probably need to.

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