Review: Hoping for Love by Marie Force

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I decided recently it was time to return to Gansett Island. This series has provided me with easy to read sweet romance and so far I've not been too disappointed with the novels. The story features the romance of yet another McCarthy brother and the heat level did not disappoint. Nor did the hero, who was known to shun relationships and wanted nothing to do with relationships.

Series: Gansett Island, #5 
My Rating: 3.5 ❀'s
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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I'm going to be totally honest and say that while I enjoyed this story, it was a little light and fluffy for me. The couple are great together, and Grant is clearly a charmer, and he certainly charmed me as well as the heroine, Grace. But I think a lot more could have been explored in this novel and simply wasn't.

For instance, Grace had been a "fat"girl all her life and had chosen to under go lap band surgery to help her change her entirely. I was at first anticipating that the story would involve a lot of uncertainty because of this history, and possibly doubt in regards to the romance with a knockout looker McCarthy. I thought there was potential for good, raw emotion but the story didn't really pivot around this, which is fine. I just think a huge opportunity was missed in regards to exploring body image and what it means to be beautiful.

I suppose the second thing that made this novel fall a little short for me was there was no real bump in the road for this couple. They come together quite naturally, the sizzle builds, each of them is willing for this to be a fling of sorts, but each falls more and more in love until there is no way that they can't be together, even in spite of some minor obstacles in their way, which are quickly resolved. I felt as though they needed to earn the HEA a little more. A little more drama was needed to made this really devastating.

However, overall the novel is quite polished, the pace is good, the heat level zings and the characters are all well formed and likable. We see some of the other couples and their lives now, and get more set up for later books. A sweet romance, some teasing about Laura and Owen and Tiffany and a hot cop, and the novel is wrapped up with a HEA that will likely leave you smiling. A perfect summer read, so do give this novel a read.

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