Review: The Border Hostage by Virgina Henley

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I recently read a historical romance that quite surprised me. It's a bit of an older read, but extremely well written and the characters captured me. It took me a while due to a busy schedule to read this novel but I can assure you, I was gobbling up every single word.

Series: Clan Kennedy, #2 
My Rating: ❀'s
Genre: Historical Romance 

I'm going to start off by saying this can easily be read as a stand alone. I knew while I was reading it that there was likely a first book, which Goodreads confirmed for me, but I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything. So go ahead and grab this great read.

What I really enjoyed about this novel was the bit of mysticism woven throughout. Both the hero and heroine practice a kind of magic but this story in no way dwells on the paranormal or supernatural. It's there in the background, and makes for an interesting way to draw Raven and Heath together, but the story is firmly grounded in reality.

I adored both Raven and Heath. Raven is so wildly independent, so strong willed. I love these older romances for this reason, the women are always proud and strong and have no fear in standing up for themselves. Raven comes to know more about herself as the novel progresses because she comes into contact with Heath, and this allows her to examine what she wants in life. She always knew she wanted freedom, but to me it seemed that Raven came to to understand that she also sought respect and love. Heath gave her both, and over time Raven knew that her happiness was going to be intertwined with Heath.

Heath was amazing. Shrewd, fearless, honorable and proud, he wanted Raven to love him. He seduced her, but was he was always honest with her and I loved that about him. You knew you count on Heath to do what was right, and he always did. He was proud, but he knew when to bend as well. These characters really fit together and with all the history and intrigue going on in the novel, you were never for a moment bored. This story had meat and that was what made it such enjoyable reading for me. Plus the steamy. My friends...the steamy. 

A devastating read from beginning to end.

Happy Reading,

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