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May has been an epic fail for me for reading. I am reading a longer novel, but I didn't get a chance to finish it in time to review. I also had little time for blogging, or much of anything else really but hey, 4 months of 4 ain't bad when it all comes down to it, so perhaps it's not entirely an epic fail. At least, not in that light. Maybe there are no epic fails. Food for thought friends, food for thought.

But I know you didn't click here to read my musings on life and its ups and downs. And life has plenty of them. You're here to see my newest feature, Latest Acquisitions.

The name is entirely what it suggests, me sharing some book love by showcasing books I recently bought. Cuz who doesn't love a great book? And I think I picked up some winners here. They are all by beloved authors, although admittedly I have never read a Karin Slaughter novel. But the cover and title drew me in, as has the fan love.

Lisa Kleypas is a favourite author of mine, and I have been loving The Ravenels. I think the series shows the author's growing strengths as a writer and doesn't romanticize this era in history while still being romantic. I have yet to read Hello, Stranger but I love that it features a woman doctor. 

The Others is a fabulous fantasy series and the novels have yet to disappoint me. I can't wait to read more about this world and other girls like Meg. There is so much potential in this series for growth and coming to understand those that are different than ourselves. 

I have no idea what to expect from a novel by Karin Slaugther. I've heard her books are excellent and very gripping, and I'm excited to have this novel in my library. 

I hope to share more new acquisitions with you soon--hint, I didn't share them all with you today so stayed tuned ;) I also have new banners to reveal and hopefully a review coming soon. 

Happy Reading,

Jewels E


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