Review: Because of Miss. Brigderton by Julia Quinn

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For years I have seen the popular Brigerton series by Julia Quinn around the feeds. But I never started it because...well, there are just so many books! But then I stumbled upon this novel, and was surprised to find it was the first in the Rokesby series, so I thought, why not? And I have to say, it was quite a fun read! I loved Billie's character, and I thought George brilliant.

Series: Rokesbys, #1 
My Rating: 4 ❀'s
 Genre: Historical Romance
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The novel starts off hilariously, with Billie stuck on a roof with a twisted ankle and George, her least favourite (indeed, disliked) of the Rokesby brother as her rescuer. Only, they both end up in need of rescuing. Right from the opening pages there was wit, humour and sizzle between these two. So you are immediately drawn in, and yet it's very apparent that there are marked differences in character between them. George is definitely the traditionalist, while Billie is anything but.

And I think what makes this novel so compelling is that we discover George is not quite the traditionalist we might think he is. He is the heir to an earldom, but this fact in frustrates him because society and tradition have already decided life for him. He is not free to be a sailor or solider and serve king and country like his brothers. So I think perhaps he appreciated Billie's unconventionality in ways no one else in their families could because he too was different than his siblings.

Billie is also a compelling character as she is a tomboy and very determined to go her own way. She doesn't defy conventions exactly, but rather she lives outside of them at times when it seems most practical to her. She is also daring which gets her into more trouble than she ought to be in, but I admired her spirit and strength.

The book was very enjoyable reading, and while I cannot comment on it in relation to the Brigerton series, I can say you will be jumping into a sweet romance filled with humour, heat, and deep emotion, and also amazingly depicted secondary characters. While I did think the ending was a bit rushed, and I had hoped for more of a le sigh at the end, the novel stands on its own two feet and I am looking forward to the second novel in this series.

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