Review: And Then She Was Gone by Rosalind Noonan

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I added this book to my collection a while back and finally began reading it and I am so thrilled by this novel. I've become really interested in true crime, and this novel is not based on real events, but its premise is one that we know to be real, which made this a bit like true crime for me. But I also love that this book does not dwell on the grittier aspects of the crime perpetuated against the main character, Lauren.

My Rating: 5/5 stars
Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Women's Fiction

The novel opens with the abduction of Lauren, which does kinda get your heart pumping, and then skips ahead six years where we see her family continuing to search for their missing little girl. It was quite a page turner as we got to get into the heads of different characters--Lauren's mother and father, her sister Sierra, and even Lauren herself. The writing really draws you in as it come to understand how the abduction of Lauren has affected her family, and how each perceives the situation and how it has affected their lives. I felt compassion for these fictional characters, especially as what has happened to Lauren is laid out. 

And then, suddenly, Lauren is found. A miracle. One parents of missing children everywhere hope for every day. It was wonderful to know Lauren would be going home, but now the novel begins to deal with her recovery. This could be difficult. It could be ugly. It could cause you to feel sick. It might make angry. All of this is possible when you divide into a novel with this premise. But I think the author did a fabulous job in focusing on Lauren's recovery and integration with her family rather than the suffering Lauren endured. We do get glimpses into that, but this novel does not focus on the victimization of Lauren, but rather on Lauren. And I liked that a lot. 

So, for those of you who like crime and mystery, this has enough of that to keep you engaged, and for those of you looking for a good summer read, this might be up your alley as well. It's definitely a page turner so it makes for easy reading. I loved it, and hope that I can continue to find gems like this among the many books on my shelves. 

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