Feature Favourite: Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas

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So I decided to look back through my books, and I smiled when my eyes glanced over some of the titles on my shelf. Today, I'm going to share with you a favourite of mine.

Devil in Winter
Series: The Wallflowers
Author: Lisa Kleypas

I adored this novel. Adored it. Lisa Kleypas is a gifted author, and no one writes historicals quite like Ms. Kleypas. They make me shiver. It has been an all time favourite of mine because the story is so well told, the characters so richly portrayed that I was gripped beginning to end. And of course, there is the hero, Sebastian, Lord St. Vincent. He is a rake. He is a gentleman. He is hysterical and just made me all le sigh. He made the novel utterly and completely devastating. He and Evie fit so perfectly together, and that was a complete surprise. Sebastian was worldly and cynical and Evie was painfully shy, and yet her stammer vanished around St. Vincent. She had so much more strength than I had ever thought of her having. I connected with these characters deeply, I understood them entirely and I think that is what made the novel so memorable, and so wonderfully wonderful for me. I recommend this series, and especially this novel, to all fans of romance.

The Series: This is a four novel series, spanning each of the seasons and beginning with Secrets of a Summer Night. Four girls, each with little to recommend them as brides, decide to ban together and secure themselves husbands. Each novel features one of the friends, who call themselves wallflowers, and her romance with an unexpected beau. There is also a prequel novel, Again the Magic and what I would classify as a sequel, A Wallflower Christmas. In my opinion, the four main novels are the bulk of the series, and the definite must reads.

The Author:

Lisa Kleypas published her first novel at the age of twenty-one (hats off to Ms.Kleypas!) but before that, she was Miss Massachusetts in the 1985 Miss. America competition. Her novels have won multiple awards and her books are published in fourteen languages and are bestsellers all over the world. She has earned much critical and popular success as a writer. Lisa Kleypas writes both historical and contemporary fiction. 

I hope to catch up with all of this wonderful author's novels one day!

Happy Reading

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