Feature Favourite: Jane by April Linder

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I was thinking today about books I read ages ago. So of course that led to today's Feature Favourite. The book I was thinking about (and it's odd, but there are certain books that always return to my mind in the fall months) was Jane by April Lindner, a modern day take on Jane Eyre.

Author: April Linder

Jane Eyre is a favourite of mine, so a modern day retelling was right up my alley. However, I didn't expect this novel to so closely follow the events of Jane Eyre or to wrench the emotion from me that this novel did. It was so skillfully done that I remember there was a period of a few days that I couldn't even book because even though I knew what would happen, and how the novel would end, I dreaded reading about Jane with a broken heart. I always meant to return to this author and read more by her, but I haven't yet had the opportunity.

The Author: April Linder is a professor at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia, which hardly surprises me because she did a spot on job in retelling Jane with a modern twist while being true to the characters and plot of the original novel. She writes poetry and literary criticism and enjoys rock concerts.

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