Review: Silent Melody by Mary Balogh

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I have been curious to try this author's novels for a while. The covers of her books are lovely, and the blurbs sounded amazing. So I picked this up during the summer months, but only just got around to reading it. Never enough time to read!

Series: Georgian, #2
My Rating: ❀'s
Genre: Historical Romance

I actually bought this novel thinking it was a stand alone. I had my phone out, was on my Goodreads app and that's what I was led to believe. Goodreads now lists this book as second in a series. Whatever, I was reading it first. i don't think not reading first novel affected my enjoyment of the story.

I will start by commenting on the style of the author--it's very formal, and the language draws you back into the era in which the novel is set, which is the 1770s, the time of huge hoops and huge hair. It was funny reading about men dressed in pastel colours and damask actually. But I digress. The style was different not only because it was formal but because it was old fashioned somehow, like I was reading a novel written a hundred years ago, or more, which this was not, so the feel of this books is very different than one might be used to when reading a historical romance. It certainly made for a refreshing read, but sometimes it felt less engaging for some reason. Lots happens in this book, and I am not sure why I sometimes felt restless while reading it. I'll put it off it just being me.

The characters are very interesting ones. Our heroine is a deaf mute but she can read lips and has a lot of courage as is evident throughout the novel. She is also very kind, which lands her with a marriage proposal she has always wanted from the man she loves. One she refuses because of the circumstances in which it was offered. That saddened me. But it gave me time to learn more about our hero Ashley, who was little perplexing in the beginning, But his life had marked by sadness and once I learned about those events, I understood him a lot more.

There is a bit of a mystery towards the end of the novel that I won't get into much, but it certainly caught my attention and drew our couple closer together and ended happily. I thought the novel very interesting and I would read more by this author as I don't think I have discovered all that is good about her novels just yet.

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