Review: Kiss of Steel by Bec McMaster

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I really have to thank a friend for this recommendation. I totally love this steampunk series! I love the blend of the historical and paranormal elements in this sub-genre. The cover is totally deceiving however, it makes me think of a woman who is fighting vampires at night or investigating mysterious murders, but the novel's heroine is like nothing the image on the cover conjures. At least, for me.

Series: London Steampunk, #1 
My Rating: 4 ❀'s
Genre: Urban Fantasy
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The heroine, Honoria, is practically killing herself trying to eke out a living that will help support her family, which consists of her sister and ailing brother. They are practically destitute as the money they make hardly covers the essentials of rent and food, and then there is the doctor's bills to add in. Honoria however, is too proud to become a blood slave, even when it becomes apparent that Blade might not give her much of a choice.

I loved Blade. He was a real gentleman, but there was also roughness to him, and he let everyone see that roughness by flinging his cockney speech in their faces. Or rather, in Honoria's. I liked the blend of his character, the hard edges and the good heart and noble intentions. He seemed bigger than life and very dominating, yet he was down to earth and likable. I have to admit, both he and Honoria are hard to describe. There are so many layers to them.

There would be layers to characters who live in this world. It's a dark, gritty London filled with Drainers, blue bloods and vampires. The society is based upon the upper class of England, but is different since all the aristocrats are blue bloods, which means they'll eventually be vampires. And vampires are very bad, very vile things. Honoria is struggling to hide herself from the blue bloods, and Blade is the only one who can offer her protection--as his blood slave.

The novel is perfectly paced, drawing you immediately. You want to know more about Honoria, you want to know more about the world, and soon enough you're totally immersed in this society, especially since Blade and Honoria heat up the pages even before they heat up the pages. They clash, they confide in one another, they flirt, and they fight. It makes for perfect romance. Plus there's action so the novel is one is that always keeps you turning the pages.

I'm curious about the rest of this series.I hope to read more from this author soon.

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