Review: The Invasion of the Tearling by Erika Johansen

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A gripping fantasy, I am just turning the pages as quick as I can when it comes to this series! I've no idea why I waited so long to read these books to be honest. I left the first book knowing that our heroine Kelsea was facing many obstacles, but I never expected the story to take the path it has taken. In fact, at first, I wasn't sure what to think.

Series: Queen of the Tearling, #2
My Rating: ❀'s
Genre: Fantasy 
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It's hard to know what to think when a character changes as significantly as Kelsea does. She was always fierce, passionate even, but I never thought of her as reckless in the first book. Or heartless. But I did in this novel. While she continues to seek ways to protect her people above all else, it's clear there's something changing inside her and it's more than her looks.

Kelsea is becoming beautiful. I don't know why exactly, but as she sees more and more of the past, she begins to become beautiful. It's some sort of magic I suppose, but why the change is happening, why she is seeing the past, is unclear. I'm hoping the third book answers some of these questions for me because it's obvious a larger story is being weaved here, and that Kelsea is very central to the fate of her land, not because she is queen but for some other reason. There is something about her. Yet, I wasn't sure I liked her in the book. She seemed more insecure somehow, and some of her actions smacked of pride and one time, of cruelty. I still admire her determination not to have her people sold as chattel to a foreign nation, but the changes in her were upsetting for me; I suppose I hadn't yet realized that she is flawed.

Again, I give props to this author for a masterfully told novel, and for addressing so many social issues that are so relevant in today's society. And for creating characters that have depth like Kelsea. Heroes and leaders aren't perfect, but it's important they are just and Kelsea continues to impress me in her strength and choices. For the most part, for even her mistakes are made with only justice and the good of her people foremost in her mind.

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