Devastating Reads

What is a devastating read? For me, it's that book you cannot put down. It might be the fast pace, the mystery, the angst, whatever is keeping you turning those pages well into the night. But an absolutely devastating read is MORE than that for me. It's the book that not only keeps you up all night, but moves you. The one that makes you stop for a minute and think about how real the story is, or how raw. Or the one that makes you cry because you hurt for the characters. It might be the one that you can't stop thinking about and are distracted by at work. If a book has ever affected you that way then it was an absolutely devastating read.

I have a great many books that are a devastating read, too many to share here. But if you've ever read a book that stayed with you, made you cry, you understand both me and this blog a bit better. I hope you enjoy the book reviews that I share with you here. 

Happy Reading,


Unknown said...

The Consequences Series
Tears of Tess/Quintessentially Q
A lot of books by Kristen Ashley

Unknown said...

The Gabriel's inferno Series..

Jewels E said...

Thanks for sharing Ruth! I've heard good things about some of those series.