Review: Surrender to the Roman by M.K Chester

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All right, so I absolutely could not wait to blog a great read. But first, some more updates.

So, I will be launching a series of YA reviews soon. I hope to start reviewing several YA reads throughout the month of August. But for now, I am reading Lover Reborn by my most favourite paranormal romance author, J.R. Ward. I have been waiting to read this since it was released back in March and now I finally get to! I'm ridiculously excited :D And I will review it since it's apart of my Not so Challenging Challenge on goodreads. You can read more about that on my Challenge page.

For now however, I'm reviewing Surrender to the Roman by M.K Chester.

Published April 9th 2012 by Carina Press

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As the Romans storm the last stronghold of Dacia, Princess Ademeni awaits her fate. Taken as a slave, she is deposited into General Marcus Cordovis's home as a gift.

Driven to avenge her family, Ademeni plots to kill her captor and escape. Though not the cruel victor she expects, Marcus keeps her too close to make escape easy--so close that Ademeni is soon tormented by an unbidden, traitorous attraction. In a moment of weakness, a passionate kiss almost undoes them both.

But the handsome, widowed general has another surprise for Ademeni: a young daughter. Marcus dares ask Ademeni to help him bridge the gap between him and his little girl. And now, Ademeni is growing too fond of those she is supposed to despise. As Marcus prepares for the triumphal march and the opening of the gladiatorial games--where captives of her homeland will be sacrificed--Ademeni readies for her own battle--between revenge and love. 59,000 words.
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I read this book in one sitting. Ademeni is a Dacian princess during the reign of Emperor Trajan. Passionate, proud, she is every bit a princess and she is none too happy about finding herself the property of Marcus Cordovis. In fact, she's bent on murdering the man. And he is not very happy to have receive her as a gift. Marcus isn't a man who enjoys war, in fact, the loss of life and irreverent disregard for the humanity of those conquered, unsettle him. He is however, a man bound by duty and he fights for Rome. Even though he is unwilling to have Ademeni as a slave, he is also unwilling to sell her out of concern of what will happen to her, because of course, Ademeni is not a princess that will be conquered.

So our love story is about a passionate princess out for vengeance against the conqueror of her land and people, and an even tempered, decent Roman general. I was expecting more sizzle from this book, but I thoroughly enjoyed the journey the couple travel towards mutual respect and understanding and the political intrigue that unfolds and endangers Marcus. The sizzle we do get is less about the actions of the couple and more about them as characters and what they are feeling. And they work beautifully. The believability of Ademeni and Marcus falling in love is enhanced by the fact that both of them are fighting against their attraction to one another. That resistance makes their relationship far more realistic I think, than if they had just fallen into bed together. And I love that Marcus considers his life well lived if he dies because he has known love thanks to Ademeni; that he sets her free before he answers his arrest summons. That Ademeni chooses to stay in Rome instead of leaving for Dacia with her sister to find out whether her lover will live or die, is equally heart wrenching in my opinion.

Chester does a fine job with pacing and style. The chapters unfolded with easy fluidity and several breaks were just impossible to break at, even if I wanted to, which I didn't, because they were so beautifully written and timed. And the characterization was consistent and that for me, is key. You really get inside Ademeni's head throughout this book, and although you don't get to know Marcus as well, it's worth noting that Marcus is a private man. The fact that he's a little more difficult to figure out just demonstrates how consistent the characterization is. So, here we have a truly romantic love story with a dynamic couple set in the pages of history--literally--that is beautifully portrayed by the author. Do I love it? Is is devastating? You betcha. I do wish it had been a little longer. Just because I didn't want it to end.

FOUR glittering stars.

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