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Charming, proud, and impulsive, Leo Warrior Brody Talbot is fighting what may be his final battle. Enyo, the Goddess of War, plans to fulfill an ancient prophecy to destroy humanity by harnessing the dark power of the Summoning Stones of Egypt. There's only one person who knows enough about the stones to help Brody stop her-beautiful museum curator Ava Harrison.

Never in all his centuries has Brody met a woman who enthralls him like Ava. But, bound to protect her, he struggles to deny his passion as they are drawn into a dark and dangerous final reckoning between good and evil.


I wanted to love this book a lot more than I do. After all, the premise is amazing! Brilliant in fact, Zodiac Warriors sworn to protect humanity by the goddess Themis? I've always loved Greek mythology and of late I've developed more than a passing curiousity in astrology so this sounded very promising me. But, not as in love with it as I'd hoped to be. Yet. I'm hoping that will change as the series progresses.

I do have to say, the writing is pretty darn polished. There were passages I thought were absolutely beautiful. And Fox has good control over her plot development. The thing that bugged me about the plot was the players: Enyo is supposed to be the big bad player in this book, and I wish that Fox has focused more on her plans rather than bringing in other characters who are also attempting to harness the power of the Summoning Stones. I found it difficult to fully get a handle on Enyo as a evil, war loving, chaos creating goddess when it appeared that the ball was suddenly out of her court. Of course, Enyo always gets back in her court, and I think this is done to demonstrate to us how intelligent Enyo is, even if she is diabollically malevolent. However, I found it distracting from that point of characterization, rather than showing us that about her. That said, there are no loose ends when this book ends, and I do like for this to be properly resolved by the end of a book. Also, we have a lead into the next book because Kane makes it pretty clear he's going to be looking pretty hard into why he was drugged during the middle of the best sex of his life. I'm very curious about that, and his Scoripo character has intrigued me.

Brody and Ava. What a lovely couple! I do have to say, they make complete sense to me as a couple. Intelligent, curious Ava who is also sensitive and hiding from life instead of living it because of all she's suffered and lost in her life? Of course that makes Leo Warrior Brody want to guard and protect her. Of course he gets all crazy with wounded pride when he fails to protect Ava. That's just who Brody is; intensely devoted to and protective of those he loves. Fox does a pretty amazing job of taking the astrological characteristics of Zodiac signs and building her Warriors' characters around them. Even Ava, a Gemini, seems to really fit those characteristics in a lot of ways. Not as much as the Warriors of course, but still her character is very nicely coloured by her sign. And I have to say, both Brody and Ava seem to draw out the best in each other, each willing to push themselves beyond their own self imposed limitiations in order to better themselves for the love they have for one another. It's quite touching, and romantic.

And while I'm on the subject of romance... I have to say, Fox has probably penned the most romantic bedroom scene ever written in her novel, Warrior Ascended. I've read a lof of purple passages. Some knock your socks off, some are read through with an eye rolling "been here, read this," others make you pause and fan yourself off for a minute, but this one was different. It was sexy, but totally romantic at the same time. It wasn't just about the physicality of the act, but about them emotionally as well in a totally different way than I've come across.

Favourite Quote

So he'd make his choice. And he'd take what he could have. And the glory of being with her could carry him through the rest of his immortal life, long after he walked the earth without her.

THREE glittering stars. And oh yeah, I'm continuing this series. Too much promise not too.

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