Review: Ravished by a Highlander by Paula Quinn

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Paperback337 pages
Published May 1st 2010 
by Forever (first published January 1st 2010)


Davina Montgomery is no ordinary English lady. For her own protection, she's been locked away from society, her true identity the Crown's most closely guarded secret. Until a shocking betrayal--and a bold rescue--land her in the arms of a fierce Highlander, a powerful warrior whose searing gaze and tantalizing touch awaken her body and soul.


As the firstborn son of a powerful Scottish laird, Robert MacGregor has no loyalty to the English throne, but he's not the kind of man to leave a woman in distress, even if she is English. He vows to deliver Davina to safety, unharmed and untouched. Yet one stolen kiss leaves them both smoldering with desire...and desperate for more. With Davina's secret threatening to destroy his clan, Rob must choose between everything he holds dear and the one woman he can't live without.

♥My Thoughts♥

Another highlander book you say? Oh yes, yes indeed! I added this series to be my TBR list ages ago, and I finally got my hands on the first four. I immediately devoured the first of the series and am quite impressed by Paula Quinn's writing. The romance is a more a slow burn than some others, but I adore that, and I really liked her characters and the story she wove in this novel. 

Rob: He's everything a hero should be. Protective, caring, hard working, strong and honourable. Rob know his duty to his clan and his family, and he knows that Davina is not to be his. But he can't help but fall in love with her, not because she's the king's daughter but because she's strong and forgiving of others. I have to say, Rob is a really romantic hero. And a bit of a possessive one. He gets darn annoyed if another man so much as looks at Davina, which I thought was telling because hs's usually a pretty even tempered man. He adores Davina, and would do absolutely anything for her--stand up for her, stand by her, fight for her, die for her, he risks everything for her because he simply cannot live without her. I loved how at the end he appeals to her father's heart, staunchly refusing to give up Davina because she is his heart. And I thought it was sweet and funny that as long as Davina asked something of him, even if he wanted to say no, he ever did. 

Davina: I really liked this heroine. She was strong, sweet and valued family even though she had never known her own. She was willing to do her duty because it was her duty, but at the same time, she yearned for a life that would be her own. Not tied in any way to her status and title. I loved that she chose Rob and that she was willing to give up her own happiness to protect him, though I though that was funny in a way since Rob was a hardly going to let her go ever. She a great capacity to forgive and I found that interesting considering that she also had a bit of temper at times. It made perfect sense to me that she would rather have a simple life even though her father could offer her so much more if she had returned to court and taken her place as the Royal Princess. 

The plot was well paced, the romance was darn near searing, the character development was spot on.I like the supporting characters and the villains got just enough page time. A highly enjoyable read and a great start to the series. I cannot wait (and I don't have to!) to read the more this sexy highlanders. 

4.5 glittering stars

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