Quote It!~3 Angels Blood by Nalini Singh

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Hey Everyone!

I got another Quote It! post ready for you! I love sharing quotes, and hope you enjoy reading some delightfully wonderful bits of books I've loved.

Today I want to share with you some shudder worthy quotes from Angels Blood by Nalini Singh. I adored this novel. You'll see why. You can't read Ms. Singh's writing and not understand, it's just too beautiful.

Quote It! might spoil you a wee bit, though I try very hard not to contain spoilery quotes, but do be aware as you read on.

She wanted to shove him away, but some part of her--the cold part--liked the heat of his touch, was excited by that veiled hint of menace. No man had ever come close to handling everything she was.

She was alone with the Archangel of New York. In front of a bed made to accommodate wings.

"Never had a hunter before?" She grinned, nibbling on his lower lip. 
But he didn't smile. "I've never had Elena before."

"Yet I think you would rather drown in poison than gorge on cake." His hands closed over her hip.

"If you take another lover Elena...what I do to him will become a nightmare in human history."

Delicious reading! Keep your eyes open for my review!

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