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Hello all you lovely readers!

I'm going to share a Quote It! with you today because I just read something really romantic. Well, I'm always reading romance but I thought this story was very different from most that I've read--probably because it's in a genre I don't usually read, but anyway, I digress. I'm here to share quotes.

The quotes I want to share with you today are from Lorraine Heath's novel Texas Destiny. I haven't much of historical romance set in the wild west, and I had this on my to be read list for goodness knows how long. So I thought it was time to read it.

I read in in one sitting--unless you count the several hours I took to sleep because I started the novel at night. It was that good. The story simply drew me in. So did the setting and characters.

But towards the end some of the lines just starting piercing my heart. Here are some of them for you to sink your teeth into, so to speak.

He shook his head. "I named her after the woman who'd be riding her."
She laughed. "Amelia?"
His smile slipped away. "Valiant."

"You should have expected to find love. There's so much about you to love."

She had never wanted anything as desperately in her life as she wanted to hear him voice aloud his love for her. Just three words. Three simple words. Yet, she knew he would never say them. To do so would force them to acknowledge a dream they could never possess, would condemn them to years of wondering what might have been.

He wanted to thank her for the sunshine she'd brought into his life, for the memories that would linger.

"Don't get into the habit of looking over your shoulder and thinking what you should have done. Regrets make one hell of shaky foundation on which to build a life."

He took one last breath filled with her faint scent. "I love you."

I hope you enjoyed those. I hope they made you shiver. They made me shiver. I love a book that can make you shiver.

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