Review: Sea Swept by Nora Roberts

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Paperback368 pages
Published May 7th 2013 
by Berkley Trade (first published 1998)

A champion boat racer, Cameron Quinn traveled the world spending his winnings on champagne and women. But when his dying father called him home to care for Seth, a troubled young boy not unlike Cameron once was, his life changed overnight... 

After years of independence, Cameron had to learn to live with his brothers again, while he struggled with cooking, cleaning, and caring for a difficult boy. Old rivalries and new resentments flared between Cameron and his brothers, but they tried to put aside their differences for Seth’s sake. In the end, a social worker would decide Seth’s fate, and as tough as she was beautiful, she had the power to bring the Quinns together—or tear them apart...

My Thoughts

This was a bit of a different take on romance for me. I've never read a full length by Nora Roberts before (yes, I know, gasp because Ms. Roberts is the Queen of Romance but so many books, so little time) and this one intrigued me. What exactly caught my eye? Maybe the idea of three brothers trying to raise a foster brother, maybe the setting, I don't know but I'm glad I read it. 

Cam: Hot tempered is the only word for Cameron. He doesn't always think things through, but his impulsive nature is endearing and I really enjoyed his character. Nora Roberts did a spot on job on with this character; Cameron is vibrant and teeming with emotion and layers that I just loved indulging in. He's emotionally connected to everyone in this story, but just like the little lost boy that he once way, it's hard for him to acknowledge that he is. He thinks life is easier if he's not in a way. It's not that he doesn't think he can love, it's that he doesn't feel like he's the one who ought be offering love. I was very invested in his relationship with Seth, his younger brother, the brother they are adopting and loved reading their interactions. Cam was a lot of fun to read with Anna, if only because she confounded him so often. And he just made me melt when he told Anna he loved her. Made the romance for me. 

Anna: An independent character. A practical character with a depth of passion. That's Anna. But I didn't connect with her. I found her...somewhat dull. I think her tendencies towards rationality and practicalism just didn't resonate with me. I appreciated her independent nature, I liked that she was so dedicated to her job, to Seth's well being and was willing to be open minded about the Quinns being the family that he needed, but I just couldn't connect with her. Perhaps I just didn't like the way she wanted to compartmentalize Cam into parts of her life for her own pleasure (and admittedly his) and wasn't really willing to entertain the idea of them as a couple even after she had acknowledged that she had fallen in love with him. She just kept thinking it was her own damn heart she was hurting, and never really thought about how Cam might be feeling. It just didn't sit well with me. I'm glad she and Cam got a HEA, but mostly for Cam's sake. 

A solid romance with a compelling story and great characters--I quite liked Ethan and Phillip, and Seth is a sweetie in my opinion. I'm very curious to see where the series go, and also I liked the touch of having Ray's ghost there to lend advice to Cam when Cam most needed his father--that's a twist you don't see in romance in often. And Ms. Roberts style is polished and lovely to read, languid and poised at the same time. I can't wait to read more of it. 

4 glittering stars

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