Feature Favourite: Daybreak by Ellen Conner

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I'm going to share with you today the final book in a trilogy that I thought was just amazing. I read this trilogy before I started blogging, and I still think it is simply amazing. Do read it in order.

Series: Dark Age Dawning
Author: Ellen Conner

The Novel: I remember when I bought the first book, I finished it in a day and then went out and bought the next two and quickly devoured those. I was in love this world, the characters and the writing was just plain lovely. I think what I loved about this novel as a love story was that both characters really drew each forward. Tru taught Penny she could be a great healer without sacrificing herself; that to love was to let love break her wide open, and she showed him he was strong enough to love again and let love break him wide open as it had with Danni. I really loved that the male character taught that lesson to the female character since it's usually the other way around. This read was absolutely my favorite of the three. And Tru is one of my imaginary boyfriends. 

The Series: Dark Age Dawning is a trilogy in which magic returns to the world and effectively short circuits everything technological. It also has an averse effect on humans, who are now all more or less supernatural and striving to survive in a world with no laws or rulers. Each novel is named for a point in the falling of our modern world as magic returns, and then the struggle to survive and adapt in a world that is new and frightening, and that's never going back to the way it used to be. 

The Author: I was delighted to learn that the author Ellen Conner, is a pen name for two authors who work as a writing team (or at least they did for this triglogy).
The authors are Ann Aguirre and Carrie Lofty. Even better, the pen name Ellen Conner, is taken from the kick ass heroines, Ellen from the Alien movie and Sarah Conner, from The Terminator. Honestly, that little fact just tickled me pink because the women in this series are so seriously kick ass. I loved each of them and when I learned this little fact I loved the little nod that these ladies made to those seriously strong female characters.

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