Review: Hell or High Water by Jerrie Alexander

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Series: Lost & Found Inc, #1
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Genre: Romantic Suspense

When ex-SEAL Nate Wolfe learns a woman from his past is in danger, nothing will stop him from protecting her. Not even her.

Dallas Child Protection Services Investigator Kay Taylor doesn't want or need Nate in her life. But he doesn't seem to understand the word no. He seems to also have forgotten the brand he left on her heart. 

When Kay is taken and sold to a monster, the devil himself couldn't stop Nate from doing whatever it takes to find her...but will he be in time?

Wow, what a read. Romantic suspense isn't a genre I read much but I must say, I like! The novel was fast paced from beginning to end, but although the action and crime story was a large part of the story, the romance was still at the heart of the novel. 

Essentially, this novel is a second chance sort of romance, with a couple that loved each other deeply once upon a time, and now dangerous events have brought them back together. They are both tough, brave and independent, but both of them recognize their passion for one another. I found I liked their efforts to stave off their emotions for the other, a characteristic that I usually tolerate. However, considering what this couple had been through personally and even in the past, I found their doubts made sense and the manner in which they sought to stave off their emotions mature. If unnecessary, because of course, a HEA was in sight. 

This a great first book to the series. It has gently introduced characters for later novels, and I'm already revving for more. The writing is clean and crisp and the directness of it makes it hard to put this novel down. I found my heart racing as I was reading and my imagination shying away from the horrors of human trafficking. There is a twist that I was rather was not expecting--that isn't to say it surprised me, because I had a hint, but the way it unfolded was so bam!  that it took me by surprise. But I think what I liked most was the slow burn of Kaycie and Nate's romance, the way they needed each other yet couldn't quite be honest with one another until the very end. It added a whole other layer of suspense to an already suspense filled book. I'd recommend this read to anyone who needs a break from their usual romance of choice. 

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Jerrie Alexander said...

Giulia, what an awesome way to start the week. Thank you for the wonderful review! I'm thrilled you enjoyed the story.

Jewels E said...

My pleasure Jerrie! I'm delighted you liked the review. Thank you so much for stopping by on the blog.

Lauren B said...

Nice review, Giulia. Going to move it up on the TBR.

Jewels E said...

Thanks Lauren! Hope you like it ☺