Feature Favourite: Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

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I was thinking a lot this morning. And thinking got me to writing. So I started up this little post to share a favourite of mine.

The novel: One of my favorite books, I return to Rebecca again and again. The shades of Gothic romance enchant you and like Alice, you fall into a rabbit hole and emerge in another world. This novel is on equal footing with Jane Eyre and reads just as beautifully. Actually, I think it's better than Jane Eyre. I highly recommend it.

However, this is not a romance novel. This is a classic novel with a mystery at the heart of the story, and Rebecca, will haunt you long after you read it. Beautifully crafted by a writer of immense talent, it is gripping and lyrical and one that is unforgettable. There is simply something about Rebecca and in a word, it is that is remarkable.

The author: 1907-1989; du Maurier's novels were best sellers in her life, and have become classics in their own right. They earned her great wealth and fame. She wrote at a time when most writers were dealing with subjects such as the war and Marxism, art and religion as well as alienation and poverty, but du Maurier's novels were 'old fashioned', with more straight forward narratives. Some displayed a powerful  psychological realism of which Rebecca is the best example. 

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