Feature Favourite: Lover Awakened by J.R Ward

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Introducing Feature Favourite! You might have noticed on my Feature page that I said I was going to be introducing this soon. I also hinted it in What's the Scoop? not too long ago.

So what is Feature Favourite? Simply put, it's me sharing my favourite books with you. Some might be older favourites of mine, some might be a newly discovered favourite. You'll not only hear me gush about my favourite, but learn a thing or two about the author and series. I'm starting with one a lot of romance fans have read, but it's a good one, not to mention my most favourite of favourites

Lover Awakened 
Series: The Black Dagger Brotherhood
Author: J. R Ward

The novel: This has long been a favourite of mine. I think what struck me the most was how raw and moving and romantic this story was. For every moment that Zsadist is hurting, reliving a horrible memory, angry with himself and the world, or scared Bella is right there with him. I found that so very touching. And for as scarred and angry as Zsadist was, for how dangerous he came across in the first two novels of this series, we learn he's really very vulnerable and sensitive and loving. And despite everything she's been through, Bella stays strong and kicks ass in this novel while still being gentle and compassionate. From beginning to end, this novel was just devastating and has remained a favourite of mine for years.

The Series: The Black Dagger Brotherhood is a favourite and popular PNR series with thousands of fans. The main characters are all vampires, save for a few choice humans, and each warrior (brother) finds his soul mate, or shellan. And each romance is action packed, filled with sizzling hot scenes, raw emotion, and just wonderful characters. Sometimes gritty, but always ending happily, this series is edgy and sexy and stays with you long after the last page. Currently, the newest novel in the series is the twelfth, The King.

The Author: Is it any surprise she's a number one New Times Best Selling author? I think not. J.R Ward also writes contemporary romance novels as Jessica Bird, and also writes a PNR series called Fallen Angels. She has been a Rita Award finalist, received two Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice nominations and has also been a HOLT medallion finalist. Prior to writing, J.R Ward worked in the healthcare industry in Boston.

I'll add that her novels have made me cry. Yes, they are that good.

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