What's the Scoop? Misadventures of the Blogger by Night

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So, here's the scoop. If you've been following my blog since at least the summer, you'll have noticed that things have quieted down here. A lot. You may have wondered why.

There's a lot of reasons really. I've mentioned that I wanted to do more writing, something I am passionate about. And I've set myself goals and resolved and re-resolved towards that end. Unfortunately, since I also have a day job, it hasn't always been easy to sit down and get to writing.

Especially since I sprained my back in the fall. I spent two nights a week at physiotherapy from September till Christmas. It was not fun. I fell behind in my reading, my day job bled into my evenings, and thus, things quieted here. Things were looking up a bit come new year, but then the polar vortex hit. Yes, I said polar vortex. On my third day back from Christmas holiday, I stopped to put gas in my car before I went to work. It was freezing outside. And by freezing I mean -39C with the wind chill. Oh, you remember that day in January, do you? It was so cold the wind cut through my goose down coat and the two layers I was wearing underneath and I could feel it chilling my skin. 

No, I'm not kidding. For those of you that live some place warm, I'll just say this: even I, a seasoned Canuck was shocked by how cold it was. Anyway, I'm digressing. When I arrived at work that morning, my entire back seized and I could not move. So that was January.

But things have improved a bit since February. Slowly but surely. Until I got to thinking. I got to thinking that the blog needed a change. I wanted to re-focus it a bit. So I stopped posting my Weekly Musings feature thinking that I'd re-vamp it a little. And lately, while I was stuck at home with a sprained ankle (again, not kidding!) I started working on re-vamping the blog as a whole.

You might have noticed the changes. It's nothing big since I am not very techy. I've always wanted the blog to look clean and polished and yet reflect something of myself. So I got rid of some clutter, dolled things up a wee bit and viola! I have something of a new look. And I like it! It's still me, and it's still fun and I think it's more user friendly to have all my stuff and things on one side bar as opposed to two. Like I said, the changes aren't big, but more changes will be coming. The biggest change (and my most favourite) would be my new header. I found an amazingly generous and talented lady to do that lovely for me. I'm giddy about it. Just giddy. Especially since I was sure I wasn't going to be able to get such a gorgeous header since I can't do much with Photoshop or Gimp.

What are these other changes I hinted at? For starters, I'm discontinuing Weekly Musings. I've tried to re-vamp it, but nothing clicked with me, so I decided the best thing to do was to create an entirely new feature. Or two. If I have really important or really cool things to share that don't fit into those features, well then, that's what the What's the Scoop??? posts will be for! So really, I guess I have maybe three new features. Now, that is exciting news! What are the other two features? Well, you'll have to stay tuned to find out. But I promise they are coming soon.

Thanks for stopping by What's the Scoop??? at My Devastating Reads.

Jewels E


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Sandra Hoover said...

Loving the new look! Awesome header...I'll be watching for the new features.

Jewels E said...

I love the new look too! Stay tuned, it won't be long now!