Review: Sold to a Laird by Karen Ranney

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Mass Market Paperback371 pages
Published November 24th 2009 
by Avon 
(first published November 4th 2009)
Series: The Tulloch Sagthan Trilogy 
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Genre: Historical Romance

When Douglas Eston arrives at the home of the Duke of Herridge, he expects to leave with an investment—not a wife! With his brilliant ideas attracting attention all over London, Douglas does not need to rely on the duke. But when he meets Lady Sarah Baines, the stubborn beauty whose virtue her father would willingly sell, Douglas finds himself utterly entranced and desperate to protect her.

Lady Sarah Baines always knew her father was cruel. But this time he's gone too far. Demanding that she marry a complete stranger—even an absurdly handsome one with eyes the color of a dawn sky—is utterly ridiculous. She swears she'll never submit to the wanton delights of the marriage bed. But soon Douglas's considerable charms prove impossible to resist... and the decadent ecstasy he offers shows Sarah that an affair that began with business can end with the ultimate pleasure.

I am thoroughly impressed by this novel. I'm so glad I found it and read it as soon as I did. Though, I'm really amazed that no one has mentioned to Karen Ranney to me before! Because I would highly recommend this novel to you.

First off, let's just say, this is not as ridiculous as the premise might sound. It was a really well told, thoughtful story with characters that were just...well, just wonderful! Lady Sarah is probably the most prim and proper heroine I've met, and there is a fragile strength about her that makes her entirely likable. She's managed the whole of her father's estate on her own because her father is an ass and her mother has been ill.
Book Two in
The Tulloch Sagthan Trilogy

She's managed the estate so thoroughly that the servants are at something of a loss without her, used to her overseeing every little thing. She's is strong willed, independent, capable, and reserved. Not to mention stubborn, and maybe a little proud. She's not the sort of heroine you meet every day, but I thought she was wonderful. I loved seeing her fall in love with Douglas, who she only married so that her mother might spend her final days peacefully.

As for the hero of this story...he's not what you'd expect. I was expecting some alpha male who was going to be bossy and learn to mellow out a little. Instead I got a sexy, patient and yet equally strong willed beta hero. And there's something to said for the betas I think--at least there is in Douglas' case. I loved how patient he was with Sarah, how he woos her, wants to protect her, how he never makes her feel afraid and yet he doesn't back down from her either, whispering intimate questions and desires without ever being crass just to point out to Sarah that they are married. I loved how very caring he was all throughout this novel.

Every good historical romance needs a bit of action, and we get towards to the end when Sarah's father kidnaps Dougals. We also get a romantic rescue and a touching HEA. I was drawn into the languid style from the beginning of the novel, the subtle characters and their emotions, the romance that bubbles under the surface throughout (until it bubbles over) as well as the bit of mystery and action that unfolds. I'm really looking forward to book two!

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