Feature Favourite: The Bride by Julie Garwood

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Today I'm bringing you another Feature Favourite! I was going through my shelf of favourites recently, and my eyes fell on a book that I just absolutely adore, Julie Garwood's The Bride. Since this feature is all about sharing favourite books, I decided I'd write up this post to share what I think is a wonderful historical romance.

The Bride
Series: Larids' Fiancees
Author: Julie Garwood 

The novel: Well, I'm a sucker for stories with this kind of premise. Essentially, the hero is forced to select a bride from among four sisters. The girls have no say in it, and the heroine was never in a million years expecting to be picked as the bride. But she was and so the story is off to a ridiculous start. I loved the characters and the plot line was both funny, romantic and had a bit of mystery that kept me engaged throughout the book. This book seemed to have a perfect balance of tender moments, steamy scenes, and wonderful writing. I remember finding it hard to put this novel down.

The Series: This is the first book of a two book series. Generally Julie Garwood historical romance novels can be read as stand alones because although the characters might re-appear in other novels in the series, you won't be lost if you read the series out of order.

The author:  Julie Garwood turned her talents to historical romance  
fiction after the publication of a couple of YA novels. Her first romance novel, Gentle Warrior, was published by Pocket Books in 1985. She has written many more since then, at least over twenty titles, in both historical and contemporary romance. She is a bestselling author, appearing on the lists of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Publishers Week. Readers know her as a great storyteller who is at master at writing stories with appealing characters, powerful emotions, and surprising plot twists. 

Personally speaking, I love her humor, the way plots and characters are always so well developed and have enjoyed many of her works. They have me laugh out loud and have made me cry. 

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