Review: Chased by Moonlight by Nancy Gideon

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Mass Market Paperback371 pages
Published June 29th 2010 
by Pocket Books
Series: Moonlight, #2
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Genre: Paranormal Romance

Things get more complicated for Cee Cee when she’s appointed lead investigator in a high-profile murder that points to her preternatural lover. To prove him innocent, she must distance herself from her prime suspect, but tangled emotions don’t make it easy for her to stay away. And neither does Max.

Left in charge of a criminal empire and protector of a clan of shadowy shape-shifters, Max walks a precarious line. Can he believe the cunning stranger who claims he can teach Max the things he needs to know to stay alive—a conman who would betray anyone to make a profit—a man who may be a ruthless killer?

Pulled between her desire for justice and the man she loves, the harder Cee Cee fights to clear Max’s name, the more he pushes her away. He’s protecting a dark truth that could blow the top off her case. And that means hiding his motives and lying to a woman who values truth above all. The woman who can save him . . . if he’ll let her.

Oh wow. Oh wow oh wow. Ahem. Those are my initial thoughts, just wow. I absolutely loved this book!
This is book two in Nancy Gideon's Moonlight series, and I was gripped from beginning to end. It was definitely a page turner. This novel has it all--suspense, a great romance, a couple that is passionate and committed to one another but tested by forces outside of their control, and wonderful world building. Not to mention, crisp and beautiful writing. Not one word is extraneous, every image conveys emotion and adds depth to both the characters and plot. Gawd, I loved the writing. 

Cee Cee and Max's love and trust for one another are tested in this book thanks to a shifter being like Max, Rollo, who has committed some gruesome murders. They naturally throw Max to the top of the suspect list. Cee Cee is under orders to cool her relationship with Max, and Cee Cee's logical cop mind can't help but wonder even though her heart knows Max couldn't have killed the women. It tore me apart to see them at odds, angry at one another, circling one another in this book. There were times I wanted to shake Cee Cee and times where I just wanted to reassure Max that Cee Cee wasn't really as cold as she seemed, and didn't mean anything she said or did. Because she really didn't. Woman has a lot of issues to work through, and they seemed to come to the surface more often in this novel than they did in the first. 

Rollo allows us to learn a lot more about Max and the shifter population and I'm so curious I could eat my laptop to find out more. Max, he claims, is special. The cream of the shifter world crop. And there are many out there who want him dead. I wish we had learned more from Rollo, but I'm sure what we did learn will be built on in the following novels--which I'm itching to read ASAP! I have so many questions. What I truly loved about this book, and think is brilliant is the way this series is about Max and Cee Cee. Their romance, relationship is being built on in each book as is the paranormal world that Max is from. Even though the story and romance carry on, you know that this couple is solid. They are loyal to one another and crazy in love. Nothing is going to get between them, no matter how dicey things get. I'm looking forward to reading more of their story and applaud Ms. Gideon for a beautifully written and original series. 

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