What's the Scoop??? I've Been Quiet

by 12/06/2014 2 comments
So, it's December and I'm finally getting back to blogging. I hope. So why have I been so quiet? Basically, I've run out of steam. I have been so busy of late, and soooo sick, that I just had no energy to boot up my laptop. So, if I couldn't do it from my phone, it wasn't getting done.

Why so busy? Well, being sick sucks, and working while sick sucks bigger. But it sucks biggest when you're sick, working and enduring pain from an injury.
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 And trying to treat that in my off hours. But, that's life right? Sadly, it caused me to fall behind on other things. Cleaning. Friends. Blogging. Not the reading, because there's always time for that. And let's face it, when you feel like doing nothing, reading is a far more entertaining substitute.

But, my injury is getting better. FINALLY. And while I might be sick from now till spring, that at least I can handle. Even if colds are a nasty pain in the you know what.

So, essentially that's the scoop. I have lots of books I need to blog...but I'm not sure when that's happening. I'm going to try and make that ASAP, I promise!!! I've read some really good books that I'm dying to share with you. So stay tuned everyone!

Happy Reading 

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Wkonsunshine said...

It must be in the water because the same thing happen to me...Life keeps getting in the way of blogging! Glad you are back. Let's chat. I want to talk to you about something!

Jewels E said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one!