Review: The Cowboy Takes a Bride by Lori Wilde

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I really enjoyed this contemporary romance. It starts off with something of a quirky beginning--naked cowboy in a gold horse trough??--but it quickly builds into a well told romance that made me smile.

Series: Jubilee, Texas, #1
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Genre: Contemporary Romance

Mariah has insecurity issues. Big time. And they stem from the fact that her father abandoned her and her mother when she was young. The insecurity is also compounded by the fact that Mariah was raised in rich people's houses, as the maid's daughter, but never led that life and wasn't really apart of the groups of teens at school because she wasn't rich. So, many of her actions in this story made sense to me. The romance between her and Joe was very back and forth, both of them not trusting their feelings, both of them doubting they could ever build together, both of them not wanting to get hurt. But I got where Mariah was coming from. She didn't want to play second fiddle to Joe's dead wife because she felt that her whole life she'd been that second fiddle.

Joe. Joe, Joe, Joe. What can I say, I found him utterly likable and I honestly felt for him. He loved with every fiber of his being, and the loss of his wife and unborn child was a huge blow for him. In walks Mariah, and he suddenly sparks back to life. But she's too much to take a chance on, seeing as she keeps talking about leaving town. He doesn't want to chance that kind of pain again. I honestly admired him for calling her out on her BS at the end. And for the way that he went after her even though he'd been the one to call things off--in a movie moment kinda way.
Book 2 in the series

PS dear readers, I listened to this on audio! It's my second audio read and I really did like it. At first I wasn't sure about the narrator, C.J Critt, as she sounded a bit countrified, but I did end up enjoying her narration style, I thought she did the different characters well, and I loved the dry humor she inserted into some of the lines.

Overall, this is a series I'm invested in and I look forward to reading more of Lori Wilde.

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