Review: In Seconds by Brenda Novak

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I really loved the second novel in this series. I was a little disappointed with the first one, but I'm glad I persevered and continued with the series. I had a feeling it could only get better, and I was right. Yay!!

Series: Bulletproof, #2
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Genre: Romantic Suspense

This second book is about Laurel, which I was glad to see. I was surprised she wasn't paired with Rex, but I've heard he gets a HEA too, in another wonderful series by this author (that I am reading) so I'm cool. All is well in Romancelandia for me

Anyway, this novel had it all. Simmering romance, a story line where the suspense was well built, and wonderful character development. Laurel was so vulnerable in this story, and considering everything she had been through, it was no wonder. And yet, she was so strong too! Take about grace in the face of adversity. She really held her shit together, and yet she took some huge risks too. Not only with her circumstances, which were frightening, but with Myles.

Myles. Here is a character that is such a perfect match for Laurel. He's suffered too. He's lost too. But he also faces the world with a smile every day, and strives to make the world a better place. I am not surprised that these two are drawn to one another. And he certainly knew how to steam up the pages with her.

I hated seeing Ink back, but I'm glad to say he got his just desserts. He was every bit as chilling--no, actually, he was even more scary than he was in the first novel of this series. The man was born without a soul, and I'm glad we're seeing the last of him. 

A well told romance that was built on a solid foundation, a gripping story and characters that make you melt at the knees, In Seconds was told with style and had me turning the pages as fast as I could. 

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