My Trip to Scotland!

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Hello Everyone!

Hope you all are having a lovely Sunday. I wanted to share with you some of my pictures from my trip to Scotland. It's a beautiful land and I had a great time. Let's get started shall we?

I'm going to start with The Highlands. Breathtaking beautiful, magical and I got lucky enough to see the mist rising off the highlands the day we went!

Do you see the mist? It's that "cloud" right across the center of
the mountain. That's no cloud! It's the mist!

Yes, I took this from the bus. 

More mist!

Why is there mist rising off the highlands? I don't rightly know, but I do know it was darn pretty to look at. I also know I missed some good photo opportunities because I kept nodding off on the bus. Not something I usually do when travelling in a car or bus, but apparently I was really tired. 

Just plain beautiful land ☺

What else can I show you, you ask? Lots. Lots and lots. Let's get started with some castles.  I have way more pictures of lots and lots of castles than I will show you. 

Those towers are from medieval times. They used to be taller!

This part of Stirling Castle is painted in King's Gold.

Stirling Castle

If you do get out to Scotland, I highly recommend going to Stirling. It's an hour train ride from Edinburgh and was really worth the visit. 

Edinburgh Castle
I plain don't remember where we were but it's pretty. 

Well, I should show you some other stuff that was neat. There's a lot of history to learn about while you're travelling in Scotland (they like to talk about Mary, Queen Mary of Scots a lot. For the record, I heard her name so often I wanted to scream) so I had a lot to take in. I'll just throw up some pictures about things I can remember about and we'll go from there!

Sorry you can't read the story, it's printed above!

Here we have the story of a very loyal dog. When his master died, the dog refused to leave his master's grave. He was cared for by the people's of Edinburgh for 14 years after his master's death.

Arthur's Seat

Do not climb unless you are really wanting to see the view or are fit. I'm not out of shape, but it's a steep climb (I thought) and the terrain is rugged. However, locals do RUN along the trail.

Very green land!


I'm very upset that some of my beautiful pictures from the nature walks came out blurry.  I took some gorgeous pictures and they are just not what I thought I snapped! It's time for a new camera.

Hmm, the water is rippling...

I also took a boat ride on Loch Ness. Thank goodness our boat was not overturned! It's a huge, black watered loch and really beautiful to see. Even if you don't see Nessie, still worth the journey. 

Walking around nature with the tour guide (not photographed)

I have no idea if people could travel under the bridge I was on (from which I took this picture) but it did look that way. 

And I've one last thing to show you and then I'll stop boring you to death with my pictures. 

We stood there 29th July, 2013. Not kidding!

I lied, history gets me excited and I was so stoked to be in this church! First off, it was stunningly beautiful. Especially considering it'd once been pillaged, it's now full of beautiful stained glass windows. Secondly...huge historical persons were actually in that church! If you made it this far with me today, thanks for celebrating my trip with me. Reassured, we'll get back to book blogging very soon! Which means, I'd better get reading!

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Unknown said...

Giulia, these photos are so very beautiful. One can almost hear the plaintive cry of bagpipes and warriors of old.

Jewels E said...

Glad you like them! I was breath taken.

Lisa Trejo said...

Hey lucky girl. Beautiful trip. I'm so glad you got away and shared pics :)

Jewels E said...
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Jewels E said...

I couldn't resist sharing :)

Jewels E said...
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