Review: Found by Evangeline Anderson

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Kindle Edition379 pages
Published (first published October 14th 2011)

The son of the evil AllFather, Xairn is filled with conflicting emotions. On one hand, he has finally gained his freedom and cut the ties that bound him to his race and the sadistic male who is his father. But doing so has unleashed feelings in him Xairn would rather keep buried. Desires that he prayed would never manifest now rage through him and they are centered on one woman alone…

Lauren Jakes is the long lost cousin Liv and Sophie never knew they had. Abducted by the Scourge, she formed a connection with Xairn more meaningful than any other in his life. But though Lauren thinks she knows him, there is more to the huge Scourge warrior than she comprehends. A nightmare childhood and a cruel father have scarred Xairn’s heart almost past the point of healing. But that is nothing to the secret inside him—the forbidden desires coded into his very DNA itself, which urge him to commit unspeakable acts in order to sate his newly awakened hunger.

Now a conflict is brewing—both in Xairn’s soul, and aboard the Fathership where the twisted AllFather has hatched a new, malicious plot to bring his estranged son home. Can Xairn resist the brutal lust growing within him? Can he fight against his very nature which urges him to dominate and control any female he mates? Can Lauren heal his heart before the AllFather’s trap closes on both of them? And can she teach him how to love before it’s too late?

My Thoughts

Oooh, I loved this book. I loved Xairn. Ever since I read Hunted I saw this lost little boy in Xairn and I felt like he was so thoroughly used and abused by the AllFather. So I was excited for his happily ever after. 

Xairn: I was so delighted when he took Lauren and decided to save her from the AllFather. I thought yes, there's a hero! Standing up for himself, for what's right, for others. What a sweetheart. And I felt his inner turmoil and fears just as he did. I didn't think he'd do anything horrible to Lauren, despite the sadism of Scourge matings, but...he was a Scourge. He means to take Lauren home after they have their DNA altered (and that planet they were on and everything that happened had such a Farscape feel that I was delighted. Sci fi at it's best! Fans of the show will know what I mean) and leave her on Earth. But he just can't. He can't bring himself to leave her because he loves her too much. And that ending with his father, the AllFather? Wicked. And so good for Xairn on so many levels. This character really comes into his own and walked a long hard road to do it. 

Lauren: This girl is gutsy. She doesn't put up with crap and she is so strong and unafraid even when she's afraid. She trusts Xairn will protect her, trusts that he loves her even though he's a big scary Scourge, trusts that there is innate goodness in him (and there is, she was soo right) and keep trying with him. I admired that she was willing to put herself on the line to show him that he is not a monster, that he wasn't tainted by his history or genetic make up. And I loved that in the end, she does some daring things to prove that they can be together, that she wants exactly what only he can give her. She had already won his heart, but she set out to win his soul too and she shows him that they can be bonded without it being soul crushing for either of them. A great heroine. 

What more is there to say? Great plot, wonderful characters, out of this world fun read and pure erotic fun. 

5 glittering stars

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