Review: Seduced by a Highlander by Paula Quinn

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Paperback372 pages
Published September 1st 2010 
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Tristan MacGregor is famed throughout the Highlands as a silver-tonged seducer and an unrepentant rogue. Bold and charming, he's dallied with many women, yet none as mysterious as the lass he steals a kiss from at the king's court. Little does he know this beauty is one of his clan's greatest enemies.


Isobel Fergusson has despised the bloodthirsty MacGregors ever since they murdered her father. When she learns the handsome stranger who captivated her so is a MacGregor, she vows to forget him. But Tristan means to possess her at any cost and Isobel's body turns traitor at his touch. Can a man she's sworn to hate be the only one she can ever truly love?

♥My Thoughts♥

I did tell you that we'd back to book reviewing soon. And yes, I'm starting with a highlander read. I'm really enjoying the Children of Mist series by Paula Quinn, and can't wait to read the third book. I have to read it, it's due back at the library soon. Anyway, I read like three books at once, so this is normal for me. I digress.  Highlanders are always a treat to read, and Seduced by a Highlander was an absolute delight to read. There's wooing. There's courting. There's....wooing. Sometimes you don't get that with highlander books, everyone's in such a damn rush to get married and then the whole book is the couple's romance after the fact almost, but this is entirely different. Tristan wooes. Le sigh. 

Tristan: A gentle man. As in gentleman and a gentle man. I loved that about him. He had these chivalric notions from the tales he'd heard from his uncle as a boy, and from the example of his uncle as well, and he lives up to them. He's not your gruff sort of hero, not purely alpha. He's so different. But yet he's that sexy highlander too. It's a marriage of gentlemanly chivalry and the usual highlander sexiness. It's a damn marriage in heaven and I thought Quinn was damn brilliant to dream it up. I applaud her. So, Tristan meets the fair Isobel (yes, I mean Isobel, not Isuelt) in a garden and they get along wonderfully until they both realize that they are from warring families. But that doesn't deter Tristian, not really. He decides its best to end the enmity between their families and since he likes Isobel so much he ends up wooing her. And what a wooing it was. Lucky, lucky girl. 

Isobel: Is a bit fearful of what the bloodthirsty MacGregors who killed her father might do to her family when she realizes who Tristan is. She's not happy when he shows up at her home, rendered unconscious by her darling little brothers (I call them darlings because they are, but they are difficult darlings). I laughed at some of the things little Tamas put Tristan through, and I worried with Isobel about her brothers and her how her future with Tristan would play out. I had no doubt though, that if Tristan said it would be fine, that it would. Isobel was not so trusting (she'd spend ten long years being afraid) and had no idea, unlike myself, that there was a HEA in store for her. So I was not at all bothered by her concerns because as much as she was afraid, she wasn't ever harsh or mean to Tristan like some heroines might have been. Or lied to herself about how she felt about him. She loved him and didn't try and pretend otherwise for long. 

I loved how this story unfolded and I adored that Tristan and Isobel got a more traditional romance with all the wooing and winning happening well before the marriage. I also thought it was refreshing that there wasn't an enemy or army raining on down on their heads like a lot of highlander romances have. Mind you, I love that, I just thought the change in pace was nice. 

5 glittering stars

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