Review: One Night Promised by Jodi Ellen Malpas

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I decided to read this with some friends, and this book was certainly engaging. But I guess I'll say it right off the top, there were good points and bad points for me.

Series: One Night, #1
My Rating:
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Just to get them out of the way I'll start with the bad points. For one, the book hangs on a cliffie. Having never read anything else by this author, I didn't realize that that's the way she writes her trilogies. So while I saw it coming, I was miffed. I dislike being left hanging in the middle of the story. I like some sense of closure, resolution, transition if the story is going to continue into a series. I don't like being left at the height of the climax. So that was an automatic point off for me. Another thing I just couldn't get around was these characters. I guess it's early in the trilogy, but I just couldn't really connect to them. Livy is back and forth in her desision making. Miller is mysterious and complicated. And evasive. And uh, something is off with him considering how things ended. Maybe his line of work, and I get there's supposed to be these two sides to him, but the man went a little wild there.

Time to talk about the good things. The writing was pretty solid, I have to say. At no point did I catch myself skimming or feeling like certain parts were "filler" which is a very good thing! And while the characters in this book confound me, I can see a spark of change in Livy. She's been standing still for so long that it was nice to see her try. Was her choice of Miller questionable? Only time will tell. Are her choices questionable? Oh yeah. Livy makes some dumb choices in my opinion, but hey that's how people grow, and she's never really sown her wild oats. So I'm anticipating that her growth will continue in the next books. Another thing I really liked was that this book has some great supporting characters. They help us see Livy and understand her, and they were funny, loving people in Livy's life.

I feel like I'm ending my review in media res, but seeing that's how this book ended, it seems fitting.

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