Review: Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop

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I have been looking forward to this novel for a year, and I was not disappointed. Anne Bishop knows how to tell a story and build a world that is engrossing and fascinating. This series continues to be refreshing and at times, chilling.

Series: The Others
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Genre: Urban Fantasy 

I must say, I've always found The Others a bit chilling. They aren't human, or even like humans. They think differently, and they see humans as meat. As a lesser species that might be worth tolerating and interacting with to a certain degree, but still, just meat. The fact that The Others are indeed, other, has always been very apparent in this series. But it got very interesting in this novel as the Elders were introduced. They are Others who live in the wild, and they sound terrifying to be quite honest. We don't meet the Elders. The Others talk about them, and it's clear they are beginning to take action, especially when Simon gets a phone call from one. And what they said chilled me.
Book One in the series

The other fascinating thing that is happening is the degree to which the Others are becoming pack like with the human pack. It's an interesting angle because it's drawing into question how human the Others can become. Or are willing to become. So yes, there was serious world building this novel. And the human politics are becoming more intricate as it's clear that the two species, humans and Others are at loggerheads--thanks to the humans.

Now, I have to talk about Meg. She has always been compelling character. Child like and yet brave, and so determined. It was wonderful to see her grow and learn more about what it meant to be cassandra sangue in this novel. And to pass that on to other girls like her. I love the idea of her being the Trailblazer, the Pathfinder. She's freed the other blood prophets, and she's begun changing things for the Others as well. What she has done has given the Elders pause, and will change the way humans are seen, and dealt with by the Others. And that really makes me curious and eager to see where this series is heading.

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