Review: In Close by Brenda Novak

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I really enjoyed the final book in the Bulletproof series. It totally worked for me. More mystery than thriller, yet somehow I found that more thrilling. I was totally caught up in all the possible suspects when it came to the question of what happened to Alana, Claire's mother.

Series: Bulletproof, #3
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Genre: Romantic Suspense

There were so many interesting angles playing out. Was it her stepfather and stepmother? Was it Alana's lover? What part did her sister Leanne play into it? And then, how did David's death factor in? The thing that had me on my toes was why everyone seemed to simply want Claire to forget about pursuing what had happened to her mother, and they seemed rather hostile about it too, which made me wonder why they all wanted her to drop it so much.

I found it all gripping, and fascinating, especially since Claire also had a stalker that was...not exactly what you'd expect a stalker to be. I was always wondering how he knew what he knew, and what part he'd play into the disappearance of Alana.
Book 1 in the trilogy
I guess I can't say more without spoiling it all, and that would be a shame. I have to say, I really admire the way the plot comes together. Brenda Novak is very good at writing a tightly controlled plot while keeping you in suspense as what is going to happen next.

I also really enjoyed the romance in this novel. It really allowed the action to move forward at a steady pace because Issac was supporting Claire in her mission to find out what had really happened to her mother. These two also had a lot of sizzle, and they made sense because they'd been an item before Claire married David. In a nutshell, this is a solid romance and well worth the read.

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