Review: Lady of Light and Shadows by C.L Wilson

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This book really built up Ellysetta's story. We learn so much about her. And what we learn at the end is just amazing! I kinda didn't see that coming. I think that's what I really loved about this book, there are so many little questions about Ellie, about the Eld and what role they play in her life, and how she can be the truemate of a Tairen Soul, that when some of those are answered I was taken by surprise. My mind hadn't entirely gone there!

Series: Tairen Soul, #2
My Rating:
Genre: Paranormal Romance

The book focuses primarily on politics. Ellysetta's people are ready to open their boarders to the Eld, and many of them are naive and blind enough to think that the Fae are the enemy. Rain spends time trying to get them to see reason, but although he comes close, if it wasn't for what happened during the Bride's Blessing, everyone was so set against the Fae that the trade agreement with the Eld would have gone through.

Besides developing the world politics, this novel developed Rain's and Ellie's relationship more deeply. Rain's heart is tested by certain things he discovers, which was hard on him and Ellie. But they are finally married and I thought that played out very well considering all the things that happen on the actual wedding day. And a lot happened. A lot of action, a lot of discovery, and a lot of loss.
The author has taken serious time and pains to plot this story. There are arcs and details that are interwoven and will play out over the course of the series. I really admire the world building and am totally immersed in every aspect of this story. It really blows my mind.

I'm looking forward to the next book. Several things are coming into play that I'm very curious about, including a new character and Ellie's powers and another Fae who has discovered his own truemate. The Eld are a huge threat and are starting to really move against the Fae. This series only got better with this book, and I can't wait to read more.

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