Review: Worth the Fall by Claudia Connor

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This is what romance should read like, sweet, sizzling and sweep you off your feet delicious. I adored this book. It's kinda hard to review because it was just that devastating.  Don't let that hot cover and angsty sounding blurb fool you. This story is about a man who very suddenly falls in love. He's always had  big, loving family, and his brothers in arms, his SEAL comrades. But when he meets Abby and her family of pre-school kids, he falls in love with them both, and realizes a week will never be enough.

Series: The McKinney Brothers, #1
My Rating:
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Matt is everything you could want in a hero. He's made my imaginary boyfriend page!! He's sweet, strong, reliable, drop dead hot and utterly devoted to Abby and her kids. The romance between them sizzles from the beginning, and I really have to admire a man who can fall in love with a woman with four kids and a fifth on the way. He's more than ready to take them all on because that's just the sort of guy Matt is. The romance develops naturally, not some rushed erotic play, and Matt really has to earn Abby's trust and love, because Abby has never really been loved before.
Book Two in the series

Abby has been abandoned time and again in her life. Even after she marries, she had a husband who was always much too busy for her and the kids. Knowing Matt is a Navy SEAL she doesn't expect anything from him, even though he makes her blood sing. Matt keeps coming back, but she never really expects him to stay. So it takes them a while to reach that level of intimacy, and I for one loved every page of their sweet romance, and really felt for Abby who kept waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Matt is wonderful with the kids, who are vividly portrayed and very real characters, The scenes with the kids were sweet, funny and moving. I can't tell you the number of times this novel moved me to tears, and it was often the innocence and poignant emotion of the children that got me teary eyed. The story is utterly believable, and once you start reading, you won't be able to put this book down. It just keeps you drawn in and wanting more. Matt and Abby are wonderful together, and the plot and pace are just right and natural. Nothing feels contrived or cookie cutter romance. This romance rings true with love, life and emotion. It's soooooo worth the read.

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