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I always enjoy it when an author keeps things interesting and fresh, and Jane Lark certainly knows how to do that. Her novels and characters all seem to have a different feel to them, and that certainly makes them a lot more believable. I also enjoy that Ms. Lark is not afraid to delve into the less nice parts of society during this time period, and the restrictions and judgement set upon women. I found it interesting that she chose to open the novel with a reference to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Her hero seemed to have the opposite problem as Lydia Bennett who was seduced for seducation's sake while Mary is seduced because Drew needs her large fortune. I like the fact that the tables were turned here. Mary Marlow will be happy in her marriage, but Austen left it to the reader to determine whether Lydia would be happy in hers.

Series: Marlow Intrigues, #4 
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Genre: Historical Romance

Drew is very dangerous as he's a poor rogue in seek of a lady of large fortune to pay off his debts, and essentially, live off of. However, whatever is fascinating about this character from the beginning is that Drew doesn't just want some rich girl to marry, he specifically wants Mary because Mary seems to him to embody purity and love. She is also fiercely protected by her family, which confuses Drew as he's never known familial love. He loves Mary from the very beginning I think because she was everything all the women of his acquaintance were not--innocent, kind and constant. But he does not really recognize that love because he's known it so very little. 
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Mary is not a fool, even if she is innocent. She sees in Drew what he does not see in himself--goodness. And she re-names Andrew, because she doesn't believe he's earned the D for devil in his nickname. Even after she discovers how he's tricked her (and that was a doozey I should have seen coming and yet didn't) she remains constant in her love for him. Her trust wavers, especially since Drew can be an ass at times, and Mary comes to believe things she shouldn't, but each of them in their hearts loved each other from the very beginning. 

There was a certain level of worry in this novel for me. It seemed darker from the very beginning, with a rogue on the hunt for a woman of fortune. Novels that begin with marriage don't traditionally end well, and I was worried as to how the marriage and romance would play out when Mary agreed to elope with Drew. The romance played out as good romance should, with bumps in the road and a couple that truly learns what love and trust is, and earn that from one another. The marriage will be a strong one because of that as well, and we are given an epilogue that shows a bit of that happily ever after.

As always, Jane Lark delivers a novel that is wonderful to read, with characters full of life and rich emotion. This was an excellent addition to an already wonderful series. 

I would like to thank the author for providing me with a copy of the novel in exchange for an honest review.

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Thank you for reading and sharing! I'm glad you enjoyed my rogue!

The Secret Love of a Gentleman is very different again, as you know I do like shaking things up... :D

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