Review: Where One Goes by B.N Toler

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This book had a totally different premise and my curiosity was piqued. However, I hardly knew what to expect when I picked this up. I was assured it wasn't some angsty love triangle tale, and with that assurance in hand, I plunged into a beautiful tale of love and loss. Ike and Charlotte meet just as Charlotte is about to end her life, but their love story is an impossible one.

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Genre: Contemporary Romance

And a romance between George, Ike's twin, seems just as impossible. He has a lot of healing to do before he could be the man he was again, and although Ike is trusting Charlotte to save George from his grief and anger, it turns out that Charlotte needs some saving too. 

It isn't exactly ironic that Charlotte falls in love with both Ike, who is a spirit that no one else can see, and his twin George. Ike after all, saves Charlotte from taking her own life before asking her to save his brother George so that he himself can move on, and George saves Charlotte from her own ghosts, and sorrow. She is anchored to both of them and even though Ike must move on, the love between them is palpable.

As is the love between George and Charlotte. It might sound like a mixed up love story, but while Charlotte and George both heal, Ike feels the pull towards whatever there is after this life more strongly. And once George acknowledges the hurt and well on his way to being whole again, Ike is able to finally pass on. It leaves a void in Charlotte, but it's the same void that is in George. And in this way, and in so many other ways, this couple is perfect for each other. 

I loved Charlotte the best in this book. She was so fierce through this novel. She refused to let Ike down, even though her gift often felt more like a curse. An outcast, she fought hard in this novel to not only save George, but to do right by Ike and her gift. She's a character that is admirable and that won't back down, even where her heart is on the line. 

Ike just made me cry. He was a good man and knowing that he wasn't getting a happily ever after, romantically speaking, was sad. I was glad he was able to help George, glad that he found peace and helped his brother and Charlotte come together, but he still made me cry. 

And George...hurt so much. But luckily he had good friends, a great family and Charlotte and Ike to look out for him. He made me cry a lot too. The whole darn book did! I was so glad when he acknowledged his feelings about everything to Charlotte, and glad that he was able to clean himself up not only so Ike could move on, but so that he himself could really live again, live a life with Charlotte. 

A beautiful story, but be forewarned dear readers,  you'll need tissues. Lots of them.

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