Review: Moonglow by Kristen Callihan

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I started this series a few years back and as distractable as I am when it comes to reading, I never got back to it until now. I wasn't sure what to expect after so long, but what really stood out for me from the first book was the delicious writing. This second book, Moonglow was well written, but I wasn't as swept away by the writing as I remember being with the first. Perhaps time has coloured my expectations? Or maybe I wasn't exactly in the mood to read this book? That said, I have to say I did see some of that deliciousness here and there so I will reserve judgement for the moment as I think it was probably just me and not the book.

Series: Darkest London, #2
My Rating: 
Genre: Paranormal Romance

I will tell you this though, I wasn't expecting this plot line. Very interesting! Lycans and weres and all sorts of supernatural creatures are woven into this historical paranormal romance and it all feels quite natural. I was glad to see the book was about Miranda's sister, Daisy, and the romance between her and Ian sizzled.

Ian was an interesting character. I felt sorry for him because it seemed everyone wanted for him something he did not want for himself. And I can't say that I blamed him. In the end, he was forced into that something, and I think the decision was more his than not, but I was both horrified and stunned by the lengths Daisy goes to cure herself of disease and to remain with Ian. It kinda gave me the creeps, but I also liked that for love she was willing to do anything. Daisy was a very strong character but I loved her fragility as well. And the protective instinct that Ian had for her was just swoon inducing.

I have to say, I have some questions about Poppy however. I am worried about her because I think the events that occurred in this novel with the were might have exposed her and I hope that some of my questions will be answered in the next novel. An action filled, and very romantic read, I look forward to more of this series.

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