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Well dear readers, I sadly don't have a review for you. I am soo behind in my reading. I have so much I want to read and seemingly no time. I've no idea where the days go! So, today I'm blogging about stitches. As in problems and also, crochet stitches. More on that later.

So, I have some reading stitches aka problems. Lack of time being one. Also, might I add that lately everything I read isn't what I want? I am expecting a book to sweep me away and instead I'm not. Swept away, that is. That's a reading stitch. I don't know why my imagination isn't as enchanted as I feel it ought be at the present moment when I read a book. Has this ever happened to you? Have you expected to pick up a book and feel as though you've stepped into a whole new world? And then, once you've read a bit of the book you feel as though the world you're reading about is rather ordinary? If so, you feel my pain. I want something magical, and that magic I'm seeking seems to be eluding me. And it's not that I haven't read good books lately...I've read one recently that I enjoyed, but, they haven't been magical. Trust me, a girl needs magic in her books.

And oddly enough, another reading stitch I have is not really knowing what I want to read. Fantasy, yes, but then I've been let down recently. Historicals, yes, but I want them uber romantic. Contemporaries do in a fix but I find them rather pale right now. So you see, I like them all but am conflicted as to what exactly will delight my reading itch.

So, since I have nothing really bookish to share with you (but I will soon, I promise) today I thought I'd share this neat crochet applique I found online. I made it myself!!

Crocheting this cute little elephant was sooo easy I laughed. I found the pattern at Repeat After Me and thank that lovely crafter for sharing her work. You don't know to know much about crochet to make this little fellow, so if you know some basic stitches, you can check out the link and try to make one yourself.

So that's it folks! Reading stitches divulged (I need MAGICAL books) and crocheting cuteness shared. Stay toned for some reviews that I'll be sharing soon. Until then,

Happy Reading,

Jewels E


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