Review: Low Pressure by Sandra Brown

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I have been listening to Sandra Brown novels on audio and really loving them. And I just finished up Low Pressure which I was very excited to read and although I did enjoy it, I was certainly thrown for a loop in this one.

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Genre: Romantic Suspense
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The loop that I was thrown was that I didn't enjoy this as much as I expected to. From the premise, I expected to be gripped from beginning to end. And although the story lacks none of the author's usual control and careful plotting, I just wasn't as engaged I thought I would be. It's possible I was so excited by the premise that I worked up an expectation in my mind that simply wasn't what the book held. But I will share with you why I was so thrown by this novel.

First off, I found the romance extremely slow moving. I would have liked a little more heat from the main characters, and while the hero was certainly very interested in romancing, the heroine was always hot and cold. She had her reasons, but to me they were lukewarm at best. It took way too long for these two to come together as they should have considering how attracted they were to one another and the events that threw them together almost constantly.

I was also thrown by the crime in this novel. I knew who Susan's killer wasn't, but it was hard to pin down who it was. I was gripped by the who done it, but although I had some ideas here and there, they were always shot down until I was totally stumped. Which is good! You want the twist to take you by surprise, shock and maybe even horrify you. But when that twist came, I was left with an anticlimactic feeling. I couldn't believe who the killer turned out to be and instead of being shocked I was just left with a WTF feeling. As though it shouldn't have been who it was or something like that. Others might experience the exact opposite effect because believe me, I never once considered the individual in the novel who is the killer, to be the killer.

You win some, you lose some. I walked away from this book feeling a tad deflated and there's no real particular reason why. Maybe it was too much of a twist for me to swallow. I'm not sure. But Sandra Brown writes such well written tales that I do say you ought read this for yourself to decide how you feel. Because I'm sure it will elicit a reaction and any reaction elicited by fiction points to a well crafted novel, and novels by Sandra Brown are always a hit when it comes to crafting, and that's a winner in my books.

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