Review: Ready for Love by Marie Force

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I have come to really enjoy Marie Force's easy style and engaging novels. The third book was an easy read, with characters that were vivid and well suited to one another, with a back story that was sad. Ready for Love was a second chance romance but from the first it gave me pause.

Series: The McCarthys of Gansett Island, #3
My Rating: 4 ❀'s
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Our heroine, Sydney, has suffered a huge loss. A drunk driver killed her husband and two children. She is trying to rebuild her life, and she's not the sort of woman to always look back, so she's trying to look forward, to carry on and get past the grief. I can respect her strength after such a loss. This kind of loss can and has destroyed people. How does one carry on after losing their entire family, their children? So from the beginning, it was hard for me to imagine that Sydney was ready for a relationship, even with her old flame, Luke. It simply seemed way too soon, only a year and a half later, and while I love that Syd got a HEA, it wasn't easy to buy into the premise of this story at first.

It got a little easier as the story went along. Luke has loved Syd forever, and he knows and understands her. He is patient with her, taking things at her pace, listening to her, and I came to understand that while Syd had been happy in her marriage and with her life, that she had always regretted leaving Luke. That her husband had never meant to her what Luke meant to her. It made the relationship easier to understand and accept, and I did warm up to the romance. Luke and Syd fit so nicely together, any disagreements quickly cleared up once things cooled and they understood each other's point of view, and seeing how well they were in tuned, this was never angsty or agonizing. I have to say I liked how easily they recognized each other's feelings, it was both sweet and intimate.

I am very intrigued to read the next novel in this series, as it's been nicely set up and quite piqued my curiosity.

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