Review: Worth the Wait by Claudia Connor

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Devastating. Absolutely devastating. Claudia Connor proves over and over that she is a master storyteller, with romance novels that drip with emotion and poignant life. I love her books. Reading about Nick's story was beautiful and painful and I yearned for the happily ever after. I hurt for Nick and Mia. Their love story was heartache and yet, it was the kind of epic love that made you know that these two couldn't ever live without each other.

Series: McKinney/Walker, #1
My Rating:  5 ❀'s
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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I loved reading about Nick and Mia falling in love. It happened at a time when they were both young and they were each other's first real love. It also happened at a time when Nick was not only young, but responsible for his younger brothers and baby sister. He took that responsibility very seriously, and his deep love for his family and sense of responsibility nearly break Mia and Nick apart when Hannah is taken and so brutally treated.

I truly felt for both Nick and Mia as time shifted forward and they met again, their past thrust upon them, their feelings so close to the surface, neither one of them having put the other behind them. Their break up was something each had borne because they had had no choice. It hurt to know this, and even though I knew these two belonged each other, there were times where I wondered how they could put that hurt and misunderstanding behind them and find their way forward. It was still so much apart of each of their lives.

I loved the rawness of the story, the beauty of it, and the writing drew you in to the pain and deep love of this couple. I have admired Claudia Connor's writing since the first novel I read by her, and I always await her books with my breath held, knowing that I'm wading into a story that is thick as pea soup when it comes to plot and deep emotion. I cry, I hesitate I to read more, I agonize and then I sigh as things resolve. These are romances were happily ever afters are hard won, and I love that about her novels.

I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

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