Review: The Whispering Room by Amanda Stevens

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I needed something different to read, and I have always enjoyed Amanda Stevens' novels, so I decided to pick up one I've been curious about for a while. The Whispering Room sounded suspenseful and spooky, and I was expecting a lot from the story. I was not disappointed. The story is gripping. It twists and unfolds slowly, giving you pause in places and stopping your heart in others. You wonder about the characters and where it's all leading, and then suddenly, you know.

My Rating: 4 's
Genre: Thriller

Of course, by the time you know as a reader, the characters know. I didn't see the twist coming. I had thought prehaps, there was a connection, but...not quite in the way that there was. I wish I could say more but I can't without spoiling the plot. Just trust me when I say, this is one fascinating read.

The story centers around Evangeline, a New Orleans police detective who has recently lost her husband and feels disconnected from her young baby. Even though she is not investigating the homicide of Paul Cortland, she becomes embroiled in details that are connected to the man's murder. Details that are horrifying and fascinating all at once. Details that seem to have nothing to do with Evangeline but that give her enough pause to wonder those details are being disclosed only to her.

The novel is intelligently and thoughtfully written. There are passages that made me stop and think, passages that made me sad and others that gripped me as I felt I needed to know how all of these details would come together. The author takes her time to unfold the plot, and it's artfully done. I have to applaud the meticulous attention she pays to details in her plot, connecting all the dots for us slowly, but never revealing too much. I never saw the ending coming to be honest, and am glad that I didn't because that last chapter or two had me riveted.

If you enjoy a well told story, or if you're a fan of mysteries and thrillers, you won't be disappointed with The Whispering Room. It was not perhaps as fast paced as it might have been, but I rather enjoyed slow build up and when the action hit, I was fully invested in what might happen. The narrator of this audiobook does an amazing job. I hope to read more by this talented author because she spins rather spellbinding tales.

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