Review: Lady Luck by Kristen Ashley

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Since I'm on a roll with Kristen Ashley, I decided to pick up the third book of her Colorado Mountain series and see where the romance took me. The series remains in the setting of biker town Carnal, but opens up with a local, Ty Walker being picked up by a woman on the day of his release from prison. That woman is our heroine, Lexie.

Series: Colorardo Mountain, #3
My Rating: 4 's
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Lexie is a great heroine. She's sassy, and full of life and laughter, which is great to see considering she has had a hard life. She started life hard and it has always dealt her an unlucky hand. That is until she meets Ty. Ty might be an ex-con, but he's not hard or cold. He was not also not guilty of the crime he was convicted of, but was instead framed.

The story centers around Ty working to clear his name. This is going to prove difficult seeing as the entire police department is corrupt but Ty is determined to oust them and prove his own innocence. It certainly makes for interesting reading, watching the story of Ty's set up unravel as those involved are becoming more exposed, and more dangerous.

The story also centers around Ty and Lexie romance. Lexie originally agrees to marry Ty in a deal to free herself from some bad connections in her past, but seeing as Ty is hot and all man, naturally she falls for him. And while Ty had no interest in becoming attached to Lexie other than to create the illusion of a man moving on with his life after losing five years of it sitting in a prison cell, Lexie's sweetness and sass win him over. They have a rough patch during which I wanted to hit Ty, since he was a real ass with a capital A to Lexie, but what's a good love story without some conflict and heartache?

My overall complaint of this novel is it's length. All of Kristen Ashley's novels are long, but I feel that the author could tell this story just as well using half as much words. She has lengthy descriptive paragraphs that I feel could be trimmed down or some cases, deleted entirely. To be honest, all of that is being to spoil my enjoyment of the novel. However, I cannot say she does not write well, or that her novels do not move me and they certainly don't fail to entertain. But I did knock off one star due to the fact that I got tired of reading some many descriptive passages. They felt superfluous to me, and made me impatient. Overall, an enjoyable read with a great story.

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